Chunky Dunk FAKES Are On The Market – Here’s What To Look For!

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Any sneaker with a respectable resell prices, you can almost 100% guarantee there will be fakes made and be floated on the market.  A lot of our inventory comes directly from the source so dealing with fakes is never a concern for us.  Over the course of the year there are times where either we believe in the sneaker will increase in the long run OR the source price is too high we would go out on the market to purchase pairs from non-reputable sellers as a second alternative.

Personally we didn’t pick up too many pairs of Chunky Dunks because the price right out of the gate was simply too high in my opinion, but we did pick up a few pairs to make available in our subscriptions for members when we saw a favourable price.  One of the biggest risk with buying from non reputable sources is the chance of buying a fake pair.  We minimize this by usually buying early on the first week of release because that’s when quantity is the most and chances of fakes are the lowest.   So as you can see we’re only about 2-3 weeks in and we already came across 2 fake pairs out of the XX pairs we bought.  The profile picture was the obvious catch as the label is WAY OFF.  Label has the name and colour completely wrong.  Name shouldn’t have Ben & Jerry’s and the colour should be white/university gold and not what you see.


Over my years of buying I usually have a good feeling knowing whether the shoes are fake or not just by picking up the box and feeling the material of the box.  Often times the box and material is already a dead giveaway before I even have to get into looking at the shoes.  Often times, I find it actually more difficult to compare sneakers side by side than just having a feel for the box.  I mentioned this before and i’ll say it again… factories spend so much time making every detail of the shoe spot on for the fakes, but for some absurd reason they are super sloppy on the box and accessories. I’m totally fine with this because had they finesse the box as well, it would make my job extra hard.  Above is another version of the fake where you can clearly tell the box size for the same size is incorrect.  Below is a side by side comparison of the the paper inside as you can clearly tell there is significant difference (left is real, right is fake).  This comparison might be difficult if you don’t have an existing legit pair in stock to compare, which is why I always say resell shops should always have a legit reference pair in stock, unless you are a grandmaster at legit checking, in which I don’t there are too many of them out there in the world.


Case in point, if we compare side by side the 2 sneakers, it would be hard to know what to look for.  Ie, if I didn’t tell you which pair is fake and which pair is real, you would have a difficult time distinguishing.


This is what I have observed so far on the market.  So if you are buying a pair, these are some of the things to look out for as the prices on these are not cheap…and the last thing I want to see is you getting is a fake pair for your hard earned money.  Once again, if prices are too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.  I always say sometimes it worth to pay a little premium to buy from reputable sources for peace of mind.  Atleast in the rare scenario a fake pair does get sold you know they will make it right for you and not run away with your money.


3 thoughts

  1. Are the fake sneakers themselves even produced with good enough quality to pass as real though?
    I recall with the Strangeloves there are some subtle differences to tell a fake pair and a real pair apart, box and too-good-to-be-true pricing aside


  2. Fakes don’t bother me as long as People don’t pass it for real. Understandable if u wanna rock a unc off white but don’t got the wallet too so u buy a 200 dollar fake. But just don’t sell it as real


  3. Great advice. I wouldn’t recommend buying on the aftermarket unless it’s from a trusted seller due to the amount of fakes that hit the market a few weeks after releases. Keep the posts coming!


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