Flint 13s – Started Out Strong, Where to Next?


Jordan 13s has been a very predictable sneaker over the years in terms of re-sell price trends.  You usually wont’ lose money, but waiting for it to go up in price can take a long time….and I mean a really long time.  This is respect to the retro colourways (ie, breds, chicago and flints) and not the new colourways.

With the recent releases of the Flint 13s, we have the luxury to easily see where resell prices would land because this shoe was first released in 1997 and has been retro 3 times in 2005, 2010 and now 2020.  Prior to the announcement of the retro of the 2020, prices of the 2010 retros were actually selling quite respectably high around $400 and this tells us a lot about the demand for this sneaker in terms sneakerheads actually looking to buy this sneaker to wear.  I honestly don’t see re-sellers looking to buy and flip this shoe unless there was a deal.

As expected when they were released this time around it was a no brainer that it would be an instant sell out and indeed it was. In fact the resell prices were quite favourable just prior to the release but of course prices started to drop once people started flipping their pairs.  This isn’t a sneaker I typically would go for in terms of investing, but I did buy a few pairs as they were available to me.  Not going into too much details, sometimes when I get offered pairs at a favourable price (usually in bulk) I may buy them anyways if there were no other sneakers I need to go for that I needed to focus my capital on.  Moreover, since all the sneakers has been delayed from the top as of late and knowing I most likely won’t lose money on this pair…I picked up a few pairs anyways just so I have them in stock and benefit IF the market unexpectedly gets hot on these.


So where are these going next?  Right now they are trending around $250 USD, which is about a 30% premium on top of the retail price.  From a resell standpoint it’s kind of in a dead zone because are you going to sell it and make only $10-$20 after fees for a sneaker that was somewhat difficult to cop?  That’s assuming you paid retail.  As I mentioned before I wouldn’t mind $10-$20 margins if it’s on sneakers that I have crazy quantities on because I know I can make it back in volume if I scale to make it worth it.  However for these I certainly wouldn’t sell it now given the tiny margins and low quantities I have.  These are pairs that I would just stash away for a year or even 2 to see where the market goes.  I mean ideally I usually invest in pairs that would go up in price in the shortest time possible, but sometimes it’s fun to also take some risk on pairs that play out in a slightly longer term if the downside risk is low for a chance for an unexpected price pop.  In this market you never know…if Travis Scott was to randomly wear these tomorrow, it might be too late to cop pairs then.  So where do you think these will be selling at next year this time?

Comment down below on where you think prices would go OR whether or not you copped a pair to wear or to resell.  I will be giving away a pair of GS size DS Flint 2020 in size 4 or 4.5 US to one random person in the comments below.  You must also follow the blog and comment on our IG post as well to be eligible for the draw.  We will provide free shipping for the winner within Canada and US only.  No purchase necessary.


75 thoughts

  1. Didn’t cop but would wear these forsure! Not about the resell just need them for the toe! But I think they will slowly rise like the bred 4s


    1. I would say they will be at low 300’s. I didn’t buy them, cause 13’s are always a risk and I don’t like the shoe in general. But to the people commenting 4-500$…cmon not even the space jams are reaching this level and they released 4 years ago 😂


  2. I feel like prices would be near 300 in a year due to 13s never really being Hyped models and are more catered for sneaker heads


  3. I say 450 highest in the upcoming months considering many people, myself included, are expecting a massive influx of pairs considering some store have yet to reopen and the possibility of having pairs sitting in the stores or receiving a late shipment. I bought my pair to wear and it will be my first double up (not including my 97 pair) but im still considering paying the 300 for the second pair if I happen to be wrong on this


  4. Whoa, a lot of comments today! I wonder why? 😡

    When the Flints were announced, my first thoughts were, “Easy cop!” I envisioned the Flints following the pattern of how the Fire Red was and is today with constant restocks etc. Mind you, I missed the Shock Drop but I felt like plenty of pairs would be available. In the end, those who flipped their early release pair were the ones to make the best return. I purchased 2 as personals and an extra pair from a restock several days after.

    Next time this year, I see them floating around $330-375 on GOAT and $315-350 on StockX. 2017 Bred 13’s are around this price range and with the nostalgia behind the Flint colorway, those type of numbers should be easy to reach.


  5. I think the price will sit between $300-350. As you mentioned, there has been demand over time but who’s buying? Not young Hypebeast, but older sneaker heads who are buying to rock and not willing to pay an outrageous price.


  6. @netmagnetism I copped a few pairs to resell and copped a personal pair as well💯
    I also agree that prices won’t differ much from where they are currently even a year down the line MAYBE $75 increase MAYBE.


  7. I think in a year this will sit around 300ish. Really great colour way. Just dont think the price will go up till after 2 years or more when you cant find a deadstock pair anymore or when some hot artist in the future start rocking it since newer sneaker heads prefer to stay around the more hype shoes like off white, yeezys etc.


  8. They haven’t released here yet but definitely want to cop a pair for the toe. Been waiting for this retro!


  9. I think prices will settle at around $325USD next year.
    The Jordan hype will go down which will then allow for the crazy resale prices to come back down to earth.
    Just my opinion.
    I am not a huge fan of 13s but the Flints are a great colourway.
    I haven’t grabbed a pair yet but if I get these I am definitely grabbing a pair to match my kids 👌.


  10. Didn’t cop a pair, but I see these hovering around $300 within the next year. A great pair that has been retro’d so many times, like the 5s and 6s.


  11. I think overtime, these will settle around $350 ish. There’s sort of a cult following for this shoe, aside from the general hype around it. I personally like it, don’t love it. But i can see why people are attached to it. Im more for the original red coloraways for Jordans, but Blue coloraways are classics. Love the blog and thoughtful posts like these. Much appreciated 👌


  12. I think prices will be steady over the next year. A lot of people were after this shoe to rock and we’re likely able to get a pair, so any market activity will be people buying for potential long holds or to double up. I got a pair to rock myself and might cop another pair to stock for future wear. Dope blog content btw!


  13. I personally think with Jordans unless its a 1 or a limited drop, a GR pair really isn’t worth a cop for resell as JB always brings shoes back its not like a Nike SB thats released once to never see the light of day again. I personally see these topping out at 300. I never buy shoes to resell only to wear and for my personal collection. I wanted these in 2010 my wife and i were at foot locker when the did pre orders but passed as my wife was pregnant and i wasn’t sure how much a kid would cost. They retroed this year with the 3m and I was excited to finally get them but I missed out on the drop as i couldn’t check out in time.
    My son is 10 this year and funny enough he now wears size 4.5. So it would be amazing to have him get the shoes b4 I did.


  14. With the current hype culture, I would give these a Max resale of~$300. The fact that even black cement 3s and bred 4s both with Nike Air on the back are still only in the high 300 range show that the classics are no longer getting the respect they deserve.
    I only got one to rock, and haven’t been able to get one to put on ice.


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