Stick To Your Gut Feelings – Jordan 1 Obsidian’s

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These Obsidian 1’s dropped just a little under a year ago and at the time I was super bullish on this pair in terms of future resell prices.  On release week given my expectation I did end up going out on the market and buying up about 50 pairs of these at resell prices.  At the time I went after size 8-9.5’s mainly due to the money size trend at the time and ended up paying on average $320-$350 each.

In hindsight if I waited I could have gotten them for about 20% cheaper as the market for these kinda slowly trended downwards for months eventually hitting a bottom around $280ish.  Honestly I couldn’t explain why the prices were going downwards throughout the end of 2019 because in my opinion these were the perfect storm.  New original colourway with amazing quality.  Then came another drop in price around March or so, but that I can explain because all prices at the time for all sneakers across the board  took a hit and not just these mainly due to Covid uncertainties in the market and a higher US dollar.


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At one point I actually doubted myself on whether or not I made an incorrect decision to buy so many pairs of these and to be honest I have been puzzled for the quite some time now.  Luckily prices eventually started going back up in the past 3 months and now trending around $400.  I was this close to shedding some pairs because the price was simply stale and from a resell standpoint if I’m spending capital on pairs that don’t move up in price…I’m technically losing money because of time value and the money can be spent elsewhere that would appreciate faster.

Now that prices has started to go back up I can finally justify keeping these around and I still think these will eventually be a $500 shoe possibly be year end based on current trends.  If I had one lesson to learn from this is that even though prices could deviate from expectations at times, you should trust your instinct and experience.   Instead of thinking of getting rid of pairs, I “should have” actually bought MORE when the price dipped when prices were more favourable.   There’s no exact science formula that anyone can use to determine future prices for sneakers and that’s why being a sneaker re-seller isn’t easy.  Actually let me rephrase…being a sneaker re-seller is easy, but being a successful long term re-seller is hard.

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4 thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing the amazing tip. I’m learning something new each day as a buyer, reseller, and a sneaker lover! I’ve brought a few pairs of dunks like the Kentucky at resell when they were released. Now they’re increased up to the nears 400! A follower on IG! Thanks again for long-term selling tips!


  2. That was so spot on! As I read it it was exactly how I have felt on that shoe, glad I kept. Keep the blog post’s coming.


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