Price Expectation – Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC


Bro…so are these going up or down?  Should I hold or should I unload?  I got a lot of DMs and questions on my opinion on this pair so I figured I would go early on this pair and talk about my opinion on this one way ahead of schedule.  Moreover, I already dropped a bag copping pairs I need, so I’m officially done buying pairs of these for now, so there is no conflict of interest anymore.

First off I hope for those that wanted to cop a pair to wear was able to cop a pair.  For those that took a L, the resell price right off the bat wasn’t too too bad as it wasn’t in a super un-affordable range.  Typical more hype releases could mean 3-5x retail price the next day.  These trended around 2 times retail at most and for bigger sizes they trended close to retail, which honestly as a sneakerheads that took a L, there’s really not much to complain about.  Re-sellers flipping them are literally making $30 at most selling them on StockX.  If you’re complaining about $30 over retail in exchange for the convenience of having shoes delivered right to your door, then you should really consider another hobby.  $30 really is just equivalent to 6 Big Macs where I live.

In my opinion this is one of the more cleaner colourways to drop in recent months and because its not a super loud colourway, you will have a greater demand in general.  The indicated quantity on this drop was 95,000 pairs and that’s in line with most releases this year for this type of release, but of course they are much more readily available than the hype releases like Travis Scott releases that fall at half of that quantity.  However, I’m not 100% sure if the 95k pairs dropped is factoring kids sizes in the quantity, but if that is the case, then supply in men’s sizing is considered lower than normal.

unc obsidian

This is a critical time frame for those in the market looking to cop a pair especially if you are a money size 8-9.5 US.  The price over one day literally increased 10% and it looks like this price is going to keep going up.  Depending on which perspective you want me to speak from.  From a sneakerhead that’s looking to buy a pair for personal consumption, I would buy NOW! I don’t think prices for these 1s will go the opposite direction it’s going now because like I said…it is a much more acceptable colourway and most sneakerheads would want to cop this pair.  I mean you could wait and maybe wait for an opportunity of getting a pair for $10-$20 cheaper but the time you spent monitoring price constantly, you mind as well just hit the buy button and use your time elsewhere wisely.  Moreover, this is considered an original colourway, similiar to when the SBB 1.0 came out.  The only difference is some hated the SBB at first, while the complete opposite is true for these from a demand perspective.  It took much longer for SBBs to gain in price because it took time for sneakerheads to realize how much they liked them. With that said, I believe these will follow a different price path than the SBBs in which prices will go up faster than normal.


From a re-selling standpoint, this is a no brainer.  This is an obvious buy and hold.  You don’t need a plug for this one to make money.  You just need money and time!  You can buy these at market, stash them away and see probably 15% ROC in 6 months or sooner.  One thing to keep in mind is the size investment.  If you’re into a shorter term horizon then you might want to stick to smaller sizes as the demand is there, hence the price movement will be more volatile in your favour.  Larger sizes are cheaper, but it will also mean you may need to hold longer to realize a sensible profit margin.  Regardless, you can never go wrong with a Jordan 1.  Regardless, at the end of the day buying these sneakers is a better investment than stocks in my opinion because all the economics behind on the sneakers market bias the price upwards.   The only way we would see prices tumble is if we wake up tomorrow morning and find out that we all don’t love Jordans anymore….all at the same time.




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