Who’s Your PLUG? [09.01.2019]

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Welcome to the first ever Who’s Your PLUG segment.  This segment of my blog I plan to give insights onto my current thoughts on price trends and give opinions of what to buy and sell in the near and short term that will make you money.  I’ve been buying sneakers for 17+ years and built a business around reselling for almost 6 years.  Often times people think you can only succeed in re-selling if you have a plug on release day or if you have a backdoor that can supply you quantity in numbers.  I highly disagree. You can be equally and sometimes even more successful if you make the right buying and selling decisions at the right time in the market at current market prices.

I will give my opinion and a detailed analysis on what I think will go up in price in the near term that I believe are under priced in the market right now.  I will also go over what pairs I believe is a good time to hold or sell.  Over the last 2-3 years we live in a vastly different market with fast pace changing trends and prices.  The emergence of StockX removes the long-standing information asymmetry that has shadowed the sneaker market over the years where price difference varied greatly at any given moment. Now we have a clear picture of current supply of demand and more importantly market price.  A perfect market is when the exact same item should sell for the same price at any given moment, however, markets are never perfect!

So why do you as a consumer of this information have to pay for this segment?  I offer this as a paid segment not because I need your money, but its more so of the fact my time is worth money. On a similar note, why do you pay to go to college?  This is also to prevent lurkers and my competition to get access to this information.  So if you want my thoughts, you gotta pay. I can easily keep this information to myself, but I believe my insights will help you be better off than you were yesterday.  The market is very big and I alone can’t absorb all the quantity even though I know my directional bets are correct.  I don’t get paid by via advertisement money…I simply do this to help you become better financially if you are strictly in the game for re-selling.  In other words. If a $4.99 fee can help you make a $200 profit…I personally think you this investment is well worth the small fee.  Moreover, if you lose money by taking my opinion within the specified time frame, I’ll personally will guarantee your money back!



3 thoughts

  1. I’ve bought the last couple of blogs and these things are loaded with great information. You will definitely earn you measly $5 back if you intend to. I saw that you mentioned writing more blogs in the future for money. Do you think that maybe a monthly subscription would be a possibility where you drop these knowledge filled blogs so many times a month and it be only limited amount of subscriptions available?


  2. This is my first time purchasing your blog and so far you motivated me to start reselling sneakers, I’ve sold some pairs before but i just been scared to buy many sneaker at once and for them to go down in value, but your knowledge that you post makes me confident that I’m buying the right shoe at the right price. Like I’ve heard before “scared money don’t make money”.


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