How Do You Get So Many Pairs?

volt oW 1

I use my hard earn money to pay for them at market price. I rarely post pictures of these on our page anymore because more than often i’ll get comments of “How? please tell me how you can get this many pairs?”.  Honestly, getting this mainly pairs is absolutely NOT hard anymore in today’s time with the many platforms available to the consumer that allows us to just have pairs delivered to our front door with just a flick of a finger.  However, the bigger question should be how you can make money with this many pairs.

I’ve been saying this for the past 2 years…You really do not need a plug or a connect in the game of sneaker re-selling to be successful.  The common misconception that you can only make money if you can cop at retail on release day was so yesterday.   A lot of money can be made just from buying the right shoes on the market weeks or even years after release.  You just need to be able to pick the right pairs at the right timing.  I have reiterate this.  Its easier said than done.

ow 2

Using these AF1 Volts OFF White as an example.  Originally I wasn’t super fond of these in the beginning of the resell prices, but I did sell out most of my black pairs as there was an obvious price advantage relative to the Volts.  Soon after I figured Virgil is probably not going to be doing too many more OFF White collabs with Nike at such a high rate, I figured these would be soon to be sought after.  My guess at the time is a best estimate of what the market will do, but I can never say for certain.  In the market of sneakers where supply is always a diminishing supply, I believed there was a high chance prices would increase.  So with that said, I quickly tried to gobble up as many pairs close to or below market price as I can.  I think on average I was able to snatch up pairs for approximately $600-$650 around 4 months ago specifically only in the Volts.  At the time I didn’t expect prices to jump so quickly, but I knew they will be sought after.  Here’s the thing…we both had an EQUAL opportunity to buy pairs at this price.  I didn’t have a plug on them, I simply searched the market for the lowest price possible at that time and bought pairs simply because  I believed prices would increase in the future.  I did it without any backdoor or connection.

One of the things most people today forget is there’s no free lunch in this world.  I did forget to mention above that couple months ago I had to drop about $15,000 or so to buy pairs about 2 dozen pairs.  To most, $15k is a lot of money.  If I told you today to drop $15k on Nike Air Jordan 1 Obsidians that dropped 4 days ago you probably wouldn’t do it UNLESS you were guaranteed a return.  Guess What?  There is nothing that is guaranteed in this world if you want make big money.  You got to make power moves.  The people that are able to achieve the highest risk-adjusted return win in this world!  If you want a guarantee, then you shouldn’t really be re-selling shoes.  You should stick with your bank savings account that pays you 0.5% annually, but I can tell you that interest earned won’t be able to get you very far in life.

ow 3

If you want to win, you got to play.  I’m not telling you to go out and blindly buy all the sneakers in the world because you would probably lose money that way.  You should buy sneakers that have the highest chance of earning you the most money in the shortest time possible.  That is why I started a new segment in my blog on giving you my personal advice on what to buy and sell that would give you highest risk adjusted return.  If you are curious, I’ve provided the link below.  And yes, it’s $4.99 to access this info, but if you can make even just $100 from my advice, you are already winning!

















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