30/30 – Don’t Forget the Follow Through!

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We all have amazing ideas on how to make the world a better place.  We all have a dream of how you can live the rich and worry free life.   However, the only thing in my opinion that separates those that actually live it in real life are those that set their goals and actually follows through.   I used to be a victim of dreaming the life I wish I could live and have had countless ideas on how I could create a successful business but one thing that I realized why it never worked was me failing to actually act on it.  Like they all say…The Dream is Free, but the Hustle is Sold Separately.

For those that haven’t followed me prior, blogging wasn’t a thing I was able to do on a regular and consistent basis.  The obvious reason being is I don’t get paid for doing it and I simply do it for the sake of enjoyment when I have the free time – and free time has been a hot commodity for me in the past 2 years to say the least.   Juggling between my full time 9-5 job, Netmag operations and being a husband at home with house work – there really isn’t much of that 24 hours in a day left for me to take 30 mins to blog.  However, 30 days ago I suddenly had a random goal of writing everyday for 30 days straight.  It wasn’t planned for, but it was more of a goal for myself to see if I was able to do it.  Once again, with no money involved and the fact I had to run parallel with my 9-5 job and Netmag operations, there were days where I really wanted to skip it and say fuck it.  I mean who’s there to grade me if I were to miss a day or two?  But that wasn’t the point because I was simply challenging myself to follow through on my goals.  Something as small as this and practicing the habit of following through on your own goals will go a long way in life when the goal is eventually applied to business – you will prevail.

Even when I first started developing the Kickbricks at the very beginning.  Sure I wanted to have a unique product that is different from everyone, but the path to get there was very difficult at first and often times I was so discouraged to stop because things got hard and the amount of roadblocks ahead were much more than I anticipated.  Sometimes life may seem much simpler if we gave up, but I always tell myself one thing all the time and really it helped me over the years and I hope you can take my philosophy and apply it in your life.  The reason why I never give up on my goals until I tried my best is I fear that IF I don’t try I will never know what it would be like at the end of path. I don’t want to live the rest of my life never knowing what the final destination would be and regret not trying.

As I wrap up the 30 for 30 daily blog challenge for myself I hope you guys truly enjoyed it.  Whether it’s what I shared in terms of sneakers or even just my daily life in the business, I hope you were able to learn something from it.  I’ll be honest, I probably won’t be able to keep up blogging daily, but I will try to blog as often as I can.  If you made it this far into the blog…I truly hope you leave with one thing and that is PLEASE! If you have goals in life, don’t just half ass it…try your best and follow through because you never know what’s waiting for you on the other side!

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  1. Nice daily blog challenge there bud. I enjoy every blog you put out as they are very informative and about SHOES. Can’t wait to see what your next challenge is. Keep up the great work!!

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  2. Keep blogging dude. I have enjoyed your writings, and you have not so bad writing and grammatical style. Actually, your writings are entertaining. I am sure there are many rookie resellers (me included) trying to establish their side gigs. Please share more of your sneaker business insights. Thank you for blogging.

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  3. Thank you.

    Your blog has inspired me deeply and I’ve followed through all your blog posts. I read them fervently and took notes when needed. You’re an inspiration and a goal. Thank you for taking time out to do this.

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  4. Great read. I post your blogs on my cook group. Many of my members have started to follow you and we mention you frequently. We respect everything you say. Thank you.

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  5. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your experiences and for inspiring us to be better at what we do. Your tips doesn’t just pertain to kicks but to life in general. The $11 subs we buy from you is well worth it because we know we are supporting a company that started just like how the rest of us did.

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  6. Really love the way you write and especially what you write about. Thank you for all the blog posts!!! Really appreciate your work.

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