Why I Didn’t Buy a Single Pair of Dior Jordan 1s at Resell…YET!

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Are they worth $2,000 retail? Some argue yes, some say it’s too expensive.  Are they worth $14,000 resell?  Most say no, but very select few say it’s worth it.  Well of course we live in a world where everyone has a different spending behaviour and we purchase things with our money where we believe its worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, these Dior’s are pretty nice and EVEN if I got them at retail, I would probably have to think twice before wearing them.  But at $14,000…there’s absolutely no way I would think about wearing them nor buying any pair for my personal collection.

The reason why from a business perspective I decided to stay away from this pair is two fold.  One it’s doesn’t make any business sense to invest in these because downside outweighs the upside and second it would be super difficult to make any money on it.  My experience with sneakers in the past is when you are dealing with sneakers that are worth over $2,000, the harder and harder it is to actually make successful transactions with buyers.  Let’s face it.  Not many normal Joe’s out there can actually put $2,000 on sneakers.  I mean if you are single and making atleast over 6 figures at your job and have no dependents, then $2k on a sneaker isn’t so bad because you are capable of doing it.  But if you have a family to take care of…even $1k on a sneaker is hard to justify.  I’m just thinking from the perspective of the 99% and not the 1% rich folks.

I was close to buying a few pairs in the past week, but I decided to turn it down because the price just didn’t feel right.  I’m not knocking on Dior for not running a fair raffle…I 100% believe they did do a fair draw because I knew some people that weren’t even sneakerheads joining the raffle and winning.  Of course for them, it’s a no brainer to flip the shoes right away.  I mean…you would be stupid to be holding on to a $2k shoe if you weren’t a hardcore sneakerhead.  $10k profit right off the bat – EVEN if you are a avid sneakerhead you probably would take the $10k and fuck the shoes let alone someone that is not into sneakers.

FOMO is one of the things that I personally had to overcome, but this release was an easy decision to make.  IF the resell prices actually came close to $8-9k, it would have been a more difficult decision to make because that’s like an equilibrium price I think the price should be selling right now – even at this price it’s still high in my opinion.  However, for the opening trade price to be at $14,000 – that’s just simply nuts.  If prices don’t come down any sooner, I might possibly stay away from this pair entirely because another aspect most people have to worry about is the amount fakes that would be on the market.  When that time comes, I’m not buying any pairs from just any body…. if I was to buy a pair, it HAS to be from someone I know very well, which in my opinion is going to be added pressure to the market price.  All in all…I like the shoes but from a business standpoint I’m just going to sit this one out.  Moreover, with $14k…I much rather invest in 50 pairs of DS Jordan 1 Royal Toes… think about it! Your 50 pairs of Royal Toes would probably double your money in 1-2 years.  For your investment to make sense, the Dior’s have to be selling at $28k in 1-2 years.  I’m almost 99.9% sure that won’t be the case.

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