Thank You OD Toronto For Hosting Such an Amazing Digital Sneaker Battle


First off I want to give many thanks to OD Toronto for hosting such a dope digital sneaker battle.  Sometimes I wish I could be more involved in the community than I currently am, but with running the business by myself for the most part and trying to balance life can be a very difficult thing to do at times.  However, when they asked me to take part and being from Toronto and knowing most of my friends are taking part…how could I say no?  I must say…hosting and organizing this kind of stuff isn’t easy.  It takes a lot of commitment and time and most people take these things for granted and under appreciate the effort that goes into it.

A part of me I always want to have fun, but at the same time I’m also a very competitive person.  I obviously didn’t want to lose, but I also never wanted to do things out of my own character.  So picking the which sneakers to use was fairly difficult because I didn’t just want to go with the knockout punch that went against with my true feelings of the sneakers.  Regardless I enjoyed every moment of it and experiencing this during such crazy times with Covid-19 makes me see the possibilities as a result of the new “normal”.  I’ve always been a behind the scenes type of guy and actually going face to face digitally and talking sneakers was a little nerve wracking to me at first, but after going through 3 rounds made me feel quite open to the idea.  This makes me ponder about different ideas that I could bring to the table in the future to my own followers.


Anyways, I was lucky enough to actually make it past 3 rounds and ended up with the W.  As part of the winning prize, ODTO was generous to give me a pair of DS Travis AF1 Cactus Jack.  Though I already have a pair,  I knew someone that actually needed a pair and decided to let her get her size and had her pay me whatever she wanted to – because at the end of the day friendship is greater than money.   Though I’m lucky to be in a position where I don’t have to penny pinch on every dollar, I will be putting that money to give back to the community once I find the best way to do so.  With that said…you can catch me in all 3 rounds in the links below in case you missed it.  Today I will keep the blog short as it is a Canadian holiday and I almost didn’t make the cut to keep the blog streak going.  So…happy Canada day and stay safe and see you all tomorrow!

First Round:

Second Round:

Final Round:


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