If You Constantly Add Value for Others, You Will Get Rewarded – Eventually!

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Back when I just started selling sneakers a few years ago, I knew absolutely no one in the game.  All the people that I used to know in sneakers either all retired or moved on to other things in life and I had to build my network from scratch.  Back then I had to buy sneakers on drop times just like everyone else because if I really wanted a pair of sneakers I didn’t know who to talk to.  Even if I did know who to talk to, I ask myself…what value do I bring to those that can get me a pair to actually give me a pair?  Exactly…I was nobody and to expect anyone to help me was a joke, but also the reality.  I understood this concept and I worked hard over the past few years to climb my way up in the industry to a point where I can just send a quick text and I will get my pairs mailed to my doorstep guaranteed and no questions asked.   So you might ask…how can you do the same?

Well I’m not sure if everyone will be able to get the same treatment eventually, but I can tell you how I got here today. It all starts with the basic concept of always thinking in the perspective of others rather than yourself.  I know this is hard because by nature all human beings are fucking selfish to a certain degree.  We always want to maximize our own gains!  However ironically enough…in business or even in life, the more selfless you are, the more successful you will be (speaking from my own experience of course).  That’s why I truly believe it takes a very unique set of personal characteristics to be a successful business man/woman and that is why NOT everyone will be successful at the end of the day.  Sometimes businesses fail not because they don’t have a great business, but it’s because the owner’s personality traits are not suitable for business and being able to be selfless in my opinion is certainly one that is required.

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How I’m able to just ask for shoes today is not because I’m entitled by luck, but rather I worked for years to deserve it.  The past couple years I have developed some solid business connections in which I didn’t initially ask how I can benefit myself from this connection…in fact I did the exact opposite…I kept asking myself how can I help THEIR business grow and remove some of the pain points and jump over hurdles and for THEM to continue to be successful.  Of course to a certain degree you have to be somewhat decently smart to know HOW they need help and what value you can bring to the table for them.  I noticed a problem they had and just simply asked the question…since you have a lot of dead weight product that can’t be moved…maybe I was able to step in and help?  My advantage was that I knew the market better than most people and I knew which products sold better than others on different platforms and that’s all I did for them for a good solid 1 year without asking for anything in return.  Of course from time to time they would bless me with a hype drop without me having to do a raffle, but it wasn’t guaranteed for every drop…yet!

Crazy enough, by doing this kind of stuff and helping their business grow, our business relationship grew as well and that’s when they voluntarily asked me if there was anything they can do for me?  So when the next Off White drops, you know I don’t have to ask because it’s already automatic.  I’ll just leave it here for now today because if I were to go on into the details, I could go on for weeks! On the other hand…I haven’t really been buying much sneakers for myself personally as of late, but these viotech trainers are pretty sick i must say.  Not much hype surrounding it, prices are still affordable which gives me every reason to rock them.  Case in point…I asked for these as soon as they announced it and I had my pair mailed to my front door 1 week before they were released – hope I can these on feet while I’m in the city.


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  1. If only I got to know you better back at Waterloo I might get some hype shoes from time to time too haha. Congrats Soup on your successful business. All the best going forward!!


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