Nike Dunk Lows Priced Too High


If you ask for my personal opinion about the latest Dunk releases and what they are selling at right now I honestly think they are overpriced.  Of course from a business standpoint I have absolutely no problem with that because I did copped a few pairs on release week and with prices where they are at right now, it’s an easy decision to sell them right now.  Sometimes you have to question whether the price of a certain sneaker can be validated and does it make sense.

I’m not saying these are not nice.  In fact, these are actually quite nice and wearable as a summer sneaker, but they are definitely not $400 nice.  They are nice at maybe $250 or $300 at most!  Of course if you are in the game to buy and wear sneakers on your feet …it doesn’t really matter as much what price you buy them at because if you genuinely love the sneaker and buy to personally consume ….where the price moves afterwards is not so much of your concern.  However, if you are looking to buy these to resell, you might find yourself in a tough situation to make money.  Can there still be more room to go?  Maybe? But if you gave me $500 to buy a pair of sneaker(s)…I certainly won’t be buying these.   I can probably think of atleast 100 of alternatives that I would buy before these at $500.

One can argue…well we are in a dunk hype right now, why wouldn’t these go up?  Moreover there are a ton of Nike dunks in the pipeline to be released by Nike.   I 100% agree with that and I’ll certainly be buying some as well IF the price isn’t too bad, but the problem now is that people may start to price the new pairs much higher than they should.  When the Syracuse, Kentucky and Plums first dropped, prices were priced near $200-$250, which was respectable, however new pairs that drop may be priced near $300 which wipes out any potential margin.  Just look at the St.Johns pair (red and white) – they are already being priced at $350.


I still remember the days when the recent Nike Dunk High Be True pairs that were released 2 years ago were barely selling for over $100 after the release and pairs were still sitting in store.  In my opinion those are much more superior in quality than these lows.   Part of the reason why these are priced the way they are because Nike made these super limited.  Had these been a GR release where even your local foot locker had them, these will probably be only selling around $150.  Nike clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to supply and demand and creating hype around their product….so if you are in the market for a pair and complaining why prices are so high.. don’t blame the sellers… blame Nike.


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