The High Volume Low Margin Focus

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Over the last year or so I slowly started to focus the business to start incorporating a low margin high volume approach to sneakers.  It was a very difficult decision to make because who wouldn’t want to do the LEAST amount of work for the MOST amount of money.  This is also why 99% of the people just aim to get the hype sneakers to resell and the reason is pretty clear.  If you successfully cop a Travis sneaker at retail, you can instantly profit 2-3x your money in a snap of the a finger…thanks to StockX.  Fuck, if you told me it was that easy…why would anyone one want to work?  Frankly, this is the exact reason why a lot of us FAIL to cop these limited sneakers on release day….because the WHOLE World is trying to do the same thing.  In essence it’s like free money for 5 mins of your time.  On the flip side, no one wants to do a hour’s worth of work for just $20, right?

Trust me…for the past 4-5 years it has been high margin work for me because I just simply didn’t have the man power to manage volume and for me to do any type of work, the margin has to be atleast 20-30% for it to make sense.  Rightfully so, that’s how it works for a vast majority of re-sellers out there.  No re-seller is going to do work for free. I’ve talked about this before…there are plenty of opportunities for NON-HYPE sneakers in the market because everyone just doesn’t care about this part of the market.  There are so many good deals out there for these sneakers and if you are able to figure out a system/solution on how to move these sneakers in an efficient manner, the supply is basically the ocean – unlimited!  Aside from all the sneakers we give away in our $11 subscription, I’m also very active on StockX and eBay monitoring what size and models are favourable at any given moment.  For all the non hype sneakers…my goal is very simple…and that is if I can make $10-$25 per pair after cost, I’ll do it.  Occasionally I get lucky and hit on certain pairs that I could make $80-$100, but at the end of the day, as long I see a reasonable spread I’m there because I know if I can repeat in volume I’ll be better off than just selling 1 pair of Travis Scott in the long run.  This is also why we are able to facilitate volume through our subscription because not only do I only aim to make only $10-$25 per sneaker, but I also strive hard to find the lowest cost possible on the market so I can maximize the number of sneakers we give out.  I’m believer of longevity than short term profit.

By choosing the low margin high volume approach not only am I creating a niche that no one wants to play in and creating my own lane in the game, but this also opens up doors I never thought was available to me in the first place.  I used to be very competitive as a kid, but as I grew older I just really hate competing.  I’m tired of competing with other sellers on $5 less on a pair OFF White Air Force 1s just to make the sale happen. Sure enough this business strategy isn’t sexy by any means…no one wants to flex on their IG with 100 pairs of Nike Air Force 1 GRs…but EVERYONE wants to flex with 100 pairs of Yeezys or Jordan 1 Travis for clout.  Never forget…for one to get 100 pairs of Yeezys, they didn’t pay retail price…they had to pay resell.  Personally I’m too old to worry about clout on my IG.  I much rather focus my time in growing the bank account through hard work than to show others that I am able to spend $100k on hype sneakers just for the sake of an IG photo.

At the end of the day my goal as a sneaker seller/re-seller is very clear.  I don’t want to overcharge anyone if I don’t have too.  My goal is to give you value one way or another. What good does it do for me in the long run if I make a shit ton of money on one deal when both you and the customer knows you ripped them off.  You probably won’t ever see that customer again.  On the flip side, if I give you a fair price that no one is willing to do and earn less money for my time, I might actually have that customer for the next 5-10 years.




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