I Copped Nike Dunk Heineken SBs for $210 USD!!


From time to time I like to document the come ups or purchases I make on a regular basis just so I can share the other side of the whole re-sell game.  The question of “how did you get those” gets thrown around the comment section much more commonly nowadays. For the record, just because I come up on things doesn’t mean I will necessary sell them because to me I like to collect shoes or things for the sentimental value and story behind it MORE so than the money I can profit from it.

So how did I cop these for $210 USD ($280 CAD).  It was a random Sunday afternoon, Lawerence (@ldoggystyles) hits my DM with a Kijiji link.  This was the day after our Series 3 product launch in Toronto.  At first I thought it was someone trying to resell my series 3 on Kijiji the next day…LOL.  BUT it turned out to be a listing for Nike Dunk Heineken SBs in size 12 for a whopping $280 CAD.  My first reaction is…are these actually legit Heinekens?  The seller included a pic of the size tag and I knew right away these were the real deal.  I was still a bit skeptical because of the super low price, so I didn’t really play it too seriously because this stuff NEVER happens and I mean NEVER happens.  But because I’ve never ever seen a size 12 in Heinekens, I guess it was worth a shot.  I was going to email the seller directly, but I figured many people were also doing the same thing, so I decided to go straight to his phone via text messaging.   I wish I took a snapshot of the listing, but I only took a picture of it as it was already taken down.


Surprisingly the seller replied quick, which made me even MORE skeptical, but as we started to discuss meet up location and time he sounded very legit.  He mentioned 10 other people were inquiring about the pair, but he said they were ALL giving him a hard time with the logistics of meet up and said I sounded I was the least amount of effort to sell since I offered to go to him instead of finding a mutual meet up location.  Given that he was only 20 mins away from me I figured what’s the worst that can happen, right?

I met him the next day and crazy enough the shoes were indeed as described… 8/5/10 condition size 12 with og box – no gimmicks.  I went on to ask him…how did you get these shoes anyways…these are SUPER rare in this size….and honestly this was the best part and knowledge drop.

The seller was an ex-Nike employee which had these shoes when they first dropped.  Apparently Canada had a shipment for these back in the day in which he said we got about 50 odd pairs or so, BUT they didn’t release them to retail because that was when the Heineken Cease and desist order came through.  Nike was ordered to destroy all the pairs and luckily these were one of the few pairs that didn’t make it to the destroy pile.  This is crazy because originally knowing that I was getting a steal on these, this was another memorable moment that makes me appreciate sneakers even more…the story behind every shoe.

heineken 4

I’m sure after this blog I’m going to get TONNNNS of inquiries about this shoe and getting low balled like no tomorrow….I know, because this is human nature.  People are going to get mad that they missed out on this and probably tell me to take their super fair $400 offer since you got it for such a good price even though the fair market price is closer to $1,000.

To be honest, ever since yesterday’s post I’ve already gotten crazy amount inquires about this pair, but I’ll be frank….I don’t think i’m going sell this one any time soon or at all.  To me, this pair holds more sentimental value/story than just the $500+ profit I can make.  People get it wrong that re-sellers are very profit driven…but they fail to understand that I’m not like most re-sellers because I’m a genuine sneakerhead to begin with and the hunt and chase is part of the passion of sneakers.  Moreover, if 50 people gave me the same offer, who do I pick as a favourite to sell to?  At best, I may consider to one day drop this in the subscription member’s sale or maybe throw it up in a subscription draw so everyone has a fair chance at it.  If you were to leave today’s blog with one thing…it would be never say No to anything because you never know what will work in your favour or not if you never try.

heineken 6heineken 5

3 thoughts

  1. Crazy enough is that I also saw this on my kijiji homepage since I search ‘sb dunk size 12’ almost daily lol. I ignored it completely because it seemed too good to be true & I don’t have any experience appraising Dunks older than the blue boxes. Best part is that I don’t feel like I missed at all because it’s my fault for ignoring it, it keeps me on my damn toes for the future, and also the fact that they made it into legit hands. Cheers!


    1. Honestly, I had the same feeling when I saw the post. Too good to be true. I had no expectations in the beginning, but it somehow worked out. Opportunities are always out there….just take advantage of the next one 😉


      1. After the event i went searching for a pair myself and saw these but passed since they weren’t my size. Glad they ended up in your hands bud!


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