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supreme dunk 2

Last night was bittersweet moment when I decided to sell my personal pair of DS Nike Dunk SB Supreme White cement in size 10.5 US.  To be honest, I had this pair in my personal collection for the longest time because this pair held sentimental value for it being a pair I couldn’t afford when I was kid.  Though I have a pre-owned pair to kick around still, as a sneakerhead thing you already know the feeling of having a backup pair on ICE.  However, the perfect storm came when I saw an attractive bid on StockX for a size 10.5 and at the same time I’m forecasting May to be a big month in terms of releases that needed a lot of capital from the business.  If you’re a user of StockX, it’s not always easy to come across a competitive bid.  Most of the the time, people are there to low ball and often times expensive items take a long time to sell.

supreme stockx

The reason I decided to sell them is because I felt like the Dunk Supreme ceiling has probably capped and for a pair with $2k+ value just sitting there isn’t really helping the business as a whole.  Sure it makes me personally feel good that I know i’m sitting on a DS pair in the box, BUT at the end of the day it’s an opportunity cost.  The money can be used to make MORE money.

Netmag as a business doesn’t have unlimited cash flow.  As much as I want to expand the business I still want to retain 100% ownership in the business with NO debt!  I never thought of raising capital through equity or taking out big business loans because I feel this is the easy way out.  As an entrepreneur I want to be able to work under pressure all the time, that way it trains me to make sound sensible decision under difficult situations.  On the flip side, if money was never a problem I would just be buying everything in the world and I would never think about selling things to make money.  When you’re too relaxed in business you won’t be maximizing returns IMO.


With that said….May is looking like a hot month in terms of releases with Travis Jordan 1s releasing.  This means having the capital ready is a crucial factor.  Shoes and opportunities like this don’t come up often in the year and being able to capitalize is what defines a successful business in Sneaker Re-selling.  From a business perspective, I think the growth potential on the Travis 1s will be MUCH greater than the supreme dunks over the next year and it only makes sense to invest in the Travis 1s than to hold on to the supreme dunks.  From this decision alone, it made me feel better letting go my personal favourite for something better for the business as a whole.  Did I make the right decision? 



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  1. I strongly believe you made the right decision (if it for business purposes)

    The money you made from selling (supreme) can be invest into other products and who knows maybe those new products can turn you into more money and you might use some of those profit to buy back your supreme or even invested in more products.

    Those 2.5k might be able to turn into something (either more money or stock), where as 0 money probably won’t turn you into anything.

    However, for a collector stand point it probably is a bad decision. You might not come across that again with the condition and price you got before.


  2. thats what im thinking too but its really hard to let go some of the shoes. props to u for having the guts to sell it. im still scared as of now loool


    1. to be honest, my advice is….If you have nothing better to do with the cash after selling…Don’t sell it. However, if you have an opportunity to make more money from the sale, you can always buy it back in the future!! 😉


  3. Thinking like a Businessman it was the correct decision. From a collector point of view maybe, maybe not. Your business sense allows you to make smart business decisions that allow your business to continue to grow. I admire you for that. My problem is I always think like a collector.


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