“So That’s Why I Couldn’t Get a Pair…” – EXPLAINED


What’s your first reaction when you see this photo…?  I’d say 99% of you would say…”Well fk this guy…that’s why I couldn’t get a pair”.  I don’t blame you because if I were in your shoes and based on just the picture (I must EMPHASIZE – based on solely the picture and knowing nothing about the back story), I would have the exact same reaction.  While most shops or re-sellers won’t share how they got their hoards, I will and hopefully it will give you more insight.

Atmos Air max 1 2017 Air max day release…hot release where everyone wanted a pair.  Whether it was re-sellers or true heads that wanted a pair to rock to the ground because they missed their opportunity in 2006, it was a pair guaranteed to do numbers for resellers, but at the same time cost the unlucky end consumers resell price. I do not have a Nike account, so like you I have to buy on the open market like every sneakerhead. I don’t have a plug and even if I did, what makes you think I’m not paying spread/premium to get them in hand to re-sell? So what makes me different from you as a consumer?  Exactly….no different.

What’s different is how I choose to spend my money in life. I can say I’m not a person that chases an extreme lavish/exotic lifestyle.  I mean a Porsche and other luxury items are great, but to me if I spend $1 today and it doesn’t get me a return of more than $1 in the future, I won’t buy it.  I don’t spend thousands of dollars on alcohol at the club for a night of fun because to me there is no return.  In turn, I channel all that money that I would have spent to buy things that will appreciate in value tomorrow.  Back to these Atmos air max 1s.  When they released I was dropping close to $400-$500 per pair to hoard them because I KNOW they will be worth atleast 30% more in a few years down the road if not sooner. If you are complaining now why you couldn’t get a pair, where were you last year when there was plenty of supply?  I can almost guarantee you, you could have probably copped a pair cheaper than what I paid at the time.  How much money we can spend is finite and we all have to rationalize on how to spend it.  God made it fair for everyone.  We all get 24 hours in a day – no more, no less.  How you decide to allocate it is entirely up to you.


To put things in a different perspective…Let’s say I drop $500 today buying these Atmos. That’s $500 less I can spend on entertainment, my dream car, a nice outfit or a 10 course meal at a fancy restaurant TODAY.  Life is fair. If I forgo my enjoyment today, I better hope I get compensated in the future – even though this doesn’t always work out all the time, hence we call this a business because THERE IS RISK!  Most people tend to forget about the risk we take in hoarding pairs that might possibly not turn out the way we wanted it to turn out, but that’s another topic for another blog session. To finish off, the next time you see a big hoard from a re-seller or from an individual, just understand we don’t get this shit for free.  You can do exactly what we do by choosing how you spend your money.  Just because you choose to spend it differently doesn’t mean we should be hated on because we decided to park our money in what we feel is a better place.

 [VERDICT] – There’s always 2 sides of the stories to something and most of the general population are only naïve to believe what they see without understanding the backstory of it.

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