Re-Selling 101 – Passion Over Money

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A lot of people get it twisted when it comes to starting their own business.  Yes, we all want to hit that grand slam on that first pitch, but I guarantee you…if you ask any entrepreneur on this planet, almost 100% of them will tell you success doesn’t happen overnight.  Have you ever asked yourself the question of “why do you want to start a business?”.  Probably not, because for most of us it’s rhetorical.  The obvious answer is money…duh?  Who doesn’t want more?  That’s why I say most people got it twisted.  In my honest opinion, if money is the only thing that drives you to start a business, you might want to think about doing something else with your money.

On the flip side, when you have passion to do something like re-selling shoes and you genuinely love shoes very much , then we got a different story.  When you chase passion over money, your mindset is completely different.  Coming from my own experience where I am doing something I genuinely love, it’ll never seem like work!  I hate to say it, most people in the sneaker community don’t give a shit about shoes…they just care about how much they can re-sell the shoes. I’m not saying whether this is right or wrong, but if I told these kids you can make good money re-selling bras or panties, they’ll be right there lining up at Victoria Secrets buying and reselling bras and panties.  When money is your main driver, you won’t last long.  You won’t have drive to succeed nor would you have any passion to make things better and innovate.  All your mind is geared towards is how you can buy more panties and flip to those that want to buy it.

I’m sure we heard enough about successful people talking about this topic, but coming from firsthand experience…passion over money is one of the biggest keys to success.  From my personal experience, I absolutely love buying shoes and the feeling that comes with receiving them in the mail. I love buying undervalued shoes and selling them for market price to those in need that don’t have the time to look for undervalued items.  Noticed I said shoes and not other items.  That’s because if you told me to buy and sell iPhones or laptops, I can tell you straight off the bat I won’t do a great job because I have ZERO passion for it.  My passion to assist other sneakerheads in getting what they want also drives me to do what I do everyday.  If you notice my business model, I RARELY re-sell anything that is newly released because that’s not my passion to fuck the end buyer in a$$.  All in a nut shell, if you want to sustain a long living business, don’t do it for the money!  Start with the passion and money will come along with it.

[VERDICT]Passion > Money


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