$10 COLLECTIONS Revamped – size 13


To continue our Netmagnetism Collections series, we decided to shake things up just a tad bit.  Instead of breaking up the collection to many winners, we will have 1 winner going home with the ENTIRE collection.  We figured this would have many benefits compared to the last collections draw we did.  For someone to put $10 into a draw, the final prize has to be worth it.  By us breaking up the collection into several winners, its not a game changing W for the winners relative to all our other draws such as the KAWS, Frags and Yeezys.  Also, for the record, we took a relatively big loss on the last collections draw because the member’s interest just wasn’t there and we also had to fork out all the shipping cost, which added to the lost.  Hence we believe this time around, it should be interesting.

Not only we think this would make shoes affordable for everyone, but if you actually come up on this draw…your collection will take an instant boost.  A lot of these shoes are great shoes that easily sell for $200-$500 plus per pair and if you actually do a quick calc, the collection is worth about $2,000 if you were to buy them individually.  We also think this also attracts a different niche at the same time for those that are looking to start up their own re-sell game/business and even if you take advantage of our $30 buy 3 get 1 free, you have  a chance of hitting the main prize and actually having pairs to work with and building a foundation.  I mean, let’s face it…not all of us in the game are pure sneakerheads.  A lot of people in it are simply in it for the money and we get it and I personally don’t think there is right or wrong to this.  Moreover, if you don’t hit, you can use your gift cards towards any shoe purchase on our webstore as a discount and you’re essentially getting a free chance at the shoes.

The gift cards are now available for sale in the below link and the draw will end in 7 days.


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