Price Expectation – Jordan 4 Levi’s Denim


As we settle in on the Levi’s 4 release, it’s time to predict where it would go in terms of re-sell prices in the near future.  As we speak, resell prices are sitting around $600 USD. In my opinion, prices will probably hover around that mark for another couple months.  Jordan Brand did an amazing job on these 4s in terms of quality and I definitely think this shoe is worth more than its current resell price.  Compared to the last Levi’s Jordan collaboration with the 1s, these 4s are much more appealing and desirable from a sneakerhead point of view.  The Jordan 1 collab was straight trash and there was no way I would be putting those 1s on my feet yet alone those jeans where way to oversized.  Though the concept and packaging was dope – that I’ll give credit to.

So a dope shoe with limited quantities…why isn’t the price skyrocketing?  There are many reasons for that.  One of the reasons is the amount of hyped releases in such a short time span.  From Dec till Feb, the amount of releases were insane! We had the Jordan Black Cement 3s, Splurge of Air max’s releases, Jordan WC3 Free Throw Lines, JTH 3Ms, Top 3s, Gold Toes, Bred Toes…and many more.  From a normal consumer standpoint with a standard pay cheque, how the fk can one keep up with all these releases.  Of course, there are some that are more wealthy that can keep up with every single release, but the normal Joe, which represents probably 95% of the population will have to pick and choose which pair to cop.  As a result, the demand just isn’t there at the moment with so many pairs to choose from and hence causing prices to lag.  However, as releases start to slow down (not sure when with the rate Nike is going at…LOL) we can see sneakerheads realizing what they REALLY want in their rotation, that’s when people start jumping at pairs they wished they got but missed out.  From my sneakerhead point of view, I much rather wear and beat these to the ground compared to the KAWS 4.  Kaws 4 is more like an artwork than a pair of shoes and would probably look terrible after a handful of wear with dirt and scuffs.  On the flip side, the Levi’s 4 would probably look better and better with wear and tear.  The fact they did batches in the blank and levis labels is a good twist, which could result in some collectors seeking both pairs just cause.

[VERDICT]: If you have been on the fence about buying the Levi’s 4, you should jump in and buy them now.  Prices definitely won’t be staying low for very long.  Yes, future colours could be in the pipeline, but usually the first colourway releases are the most valuable and desired!

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