Why I rarely sell new releases


From the beginning of Netmagnetism, my logic and vision was to be different from all re-sellers in the market.  Don’t get me wrong, not going down the route of being a reseller of new releases is extremely hard because sourcing products to sell became that much harder.  Apart from this vision, the term re-seller doesn’t really resonate well in the community over the years for many various reasons and i didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ that everyone hates for snatching up all the goods on the market and making everyone that wants them to pay rape re-sell prices.

By not going down the route of new releases, it effectively changes our image of being a “re-seller” (that everyone hates) to a “curator” where we help bring products to buyers where they don’t have access to in the current market.  Its important to get this point straight as I have emphasized many times before.  In the art of curation, you are actually fulfilling demand by bringing in supply that doesn’t exist in the market at reasonable prices.  On the other hand, in re-selling/quick flipping, you are actually manipulating the supply to create monopoly in the market and forcing the people to pay your asking price because you have dried up all the supply.  This is very important to understand.  To top it off with an example…the Jordan XI 11 BREDS and Concords 1995/1996 originals is probably one of my top selling shoes in the last few years.  In a small market like Toronto, there is absolutely nobody selling these at any given moment…maybe 1 seller in a blue moon that asks for a sky high price, but generally speaking there are people that want it but the supply just isn’t there.  For us to fill this void of demand…are we to be hated or to be liked by helping those that want to get it?

Many customers come to me asking if we can help them sell their shoes, but my very first comment to them is if its a recent release I most likely won’t do it.  My definition of a new release is something released within 1 year.  The reasoning behind this is if I bring these in, i’m effectively supporting and encouraging re-sellers to continue to do what they do. However, anything after 1 year of release I feel for those that want it already had their chance to buy it and whatever i can resell on the market is considered fair. As a sneakerhead myself, I live by this experience personally on new releases that i want to buy to wear but fail to get because every re-seller is trying to snatch them so they can sell them to those that want it at resell prices.  With that said, there is no way of stopping re-sellers from doing what they do because who isn’t down to make a few bucks?  Besides its an efficient world out there…everything that happens, happens for a reason and if there is no money to be made, re-sellers would slowly drop off.  From Nike’s standpoint, they certainly don’t want that to happen because that’s how exactly how they create demand for their products….

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