Price Expectation: Nike Air Max 1 Masters


I’m sure most of you have watched the countless un-boxing and shoe reviews of these on social media by many youtubers, so I don’t need drown you with the same details.  We’ll get straight to the point on where we believe the prices for these will go in the future.  Needless to say, I was quite surprised that these actually sold out when they first released online earlier in March because I wasn’t expecting this shoe to be an immediate smash hit.  I ended up buying a pair locally for $400 CAD (approx $300 USD) a few days before the official US and in store release and I finally understood what the fuss was about on these.  I really like the “what the” concept implemented on the shoes, but in my personal opinion Nike probably could have done a better job in executing it.  Apart from the visuals, what i think that really drives demand for this shoe is the concept and quality.  Over the years of collecting, sometimes the meaning and concept of the shoe is equally as important as the visual nature of the shoe.  It’s one thing for the shoes to look nice on its own, but coupled with the strong meaning and concept behind the creation of it is what really drives the resell market price.  In a nutshell, I think the shoes are below average in terms of looks, but its still something i would still wear and keep for the sake of this shoe being created in celebration of Nike Air max 30th anniversary.

Re-sell prices for these after the first release were well up there and trended on average around $500 USD depending on size.  Considering that retail was set at $130 USD, that’s a big jump in price premium relative to nike air maxes in recent memory.   The second March release had obviously hampered the resell prices slightly due to the increase in supply on the market, but don’t expect this effect to last long.  Though i do not know exactly how many pairs were released for these, I suspect there weren’t many pairs to go around given how many people i know that wanted them but wasn’t able to get them.  This is usually a very good indication that prices will be going up in the near future.  In addition to the fact that many collectors would want to own a pair of these for the sake of the concept and commemoration of Nike’s 30th anniversary, it’ll probably be much harder to buy a pair come a few months later this year.  My opinion is if you really want to own a pair, the best time is to buy it now because I expect prices for these to go back towards $500 USD in a couple months.  From a long term perspective I still think prices will hold up, but i honestly do not see this shoe fetching past $1,000.  Not many air maxes in recent memory ever made it past this price point and for those that did, the shoes were either worn by Kanye or the colourway was so dope that no one ever wanted to sell (ie. Amsterdam, Kid robot, and etc..).



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