OFF White Dunks Searching For A Price Direction


We’ve seen the hype come…we’ve seen the hype gone…but more importantly what’s next?  A lot of people say these are their grail sneakers, but that statement only lasted for a month or 2 after the hype slowly dissipated over the past half year.  Though the price jump initially didn’t last as long as most would have wanted it to, but that doesn’t mean there’s no potential right now.

As I touched upon in the blog I wrote earlier in January, I am still a mid-long term believer of this pair given the fact it is an off white collab at the end of the day.  I also mentioned…stay away from the green pair as the price premium didn’t make any sense. What the price was in the past is history, but what’s more important is where it’s going to go from here.  As of right now, we probably accumulated over 100 pairs of these sitting in the vault and I have been slowly been snatching up pairs over the months when prices were favourable to me as a buyer.  Some see this pair as a flop, but in my opinion if you have constantly been in the market for these, the Red and Michigan pair has actually stayed steady.  The green pair took the biggest price hit especially for the money sizes which are size 8-9.5 where it once hit a peak of $1,000 and has since been unable to recoup those losses.  What’s more crazy is all the bigger sizes all have been increasing in price instead of dropping in price.


Often times with price patterns like these where we see the price spike up initially and die out…the prices tend to just hover for a long time before they see any significant movement.  I see this similar to the Jordan 1 Women Satin Black toes.  Prices just never was able to get back to the original release day prices and ever since has been hovering the bottom for more than a year now.  Personally…I sometimes like to take some risk on pairs like these where prices has been stagnant for some time because like most re-sellers holding on hoping prices would increase…they might just lose patience and get rid of them for a decent price, which makes buying pairs a little more easier as there are more willing sellers.  In addition, buying pairs during this time may actually be less risk because prices are probably bottomed out and chances of prices going further down will be low.   In my opinion, these are still a buy.  Though I can’t say for certain when or if prices will ever increase, but I certainly think pries can’t go any lower than where it is now and it’s a fair play if you are looking to park some of your money somewhere that has fair potential… I mean at the end of the day this is a dunk and dunks can see some WILD price explosions overnight.  You can certainly sit on the sidelines and wait to see when it happens, but when prices do jump it often is too late to catch the wave and buying pairs could be MUCH more difficult with increased competition.


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