How Does One Secure a Backdoor/Plug And How Does it work? EXPLAINED

IMG_9772How does a backdoor work? How does someone secure so many pairs on release date?  How can I be like this guy flexing with 50 pairs on the gram?  Being in the business, I think I’ve seen it all if not majority of what really happens in the market, but it doesn’t always seem as glamorous as it seems on Instagram.  At the end of the day a backdoor is just another business transaction that requires some sort of special relationship.  As such that is why we never hear about nor can you find anything on the internet about back doors because NO ONE in the business will ever share it because that’s pretty much their secret to success.  Why would anyone want to attract unnecessary competition to their niche?  Well today I have written about the backbone of what really happens in the seemingly secretive side of the business.  I explain the motives and economic deals that drive these business transactions, but most importantly explain how you can position yourself to be a future back door plug.

This again is a paid blog and as I mentioned before I do paid blogs for various reasons and the main one being I don’t want this information to be circulated to everyone around the market.  The less people that know, the less competition out there.  Like I said before…business is what keeps the world go around.  If you don’t feel like my information is worth the money, well no one is ever forcing you to pay me to share what took me 5 years of business to finally understand served to you on a silver platter.

Please note due to the sensitivity of the info being shared, I may have discontinue this paid post at anytime.  Batch emails will go out at the end of each night for those that paid – so you do not need to email me asking when you will receive you blog.  Thank you.


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    1. LOL, everyone already received their article. No one that complained is going to come back and comment…”oh i received the article” after receiving the article – just sayin….


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