These Are a Buy…But Just Be Patient!

It’s not a question of whether you should buy these because I think these are a must for any collection/rotation, but rather when you should buy these so that you don’t break the bank. In my opinion these are one of the better Air Max 1’s to release in recent memory just in time for Air Max Day. I mean these could be one of the best original AM’s to release since the Sean Wotherspoons 1/97 and that believe it or not was over 4 years ago! I mean, one can argue the Patta Air Max 1 Waves were a banger – so they get a honorable mention here as well.

In my opinion without a doubt these will do numbers as you can tell from the re-sell prices already they are sitting around the $350-$500 range depending on the size. However, if you’re in the market for a pair, I highly suggest to wait just a little bit longer as we are set to see the other 2 colourways drop very soon. The other 2 models will soon get a worldwide retail release closer to Air Max Day. Once that happens, prices will dip just a little bit before going back up again and I highly suggest to get your pair then when there are more supply/choices on the market. The right pair (DN1803-900) is the pair I’m sure North America will get for Air max day release, which also is the pair I like the most, but I can’t say for certain how the left pair will get released. TBD*

This drop is basically similar to the Union drop where Nike/Jordan gave the originating store the opportunity to drop their store exclusive colorway first on to the market and then a few weeks later followed by a worldwide drop. (ie. Union drops Guava’s that are exclusive to them only and then the Noir pair receives a worldwide retail drop after). This type of marketing seems to be working as not only does it create hype and temporary scarcity in the market, but it gives more people the opportunity to cop something similar a few weeks later while maintaining the hype of the trend. In my opinion, it is a smart way to keep customers engaged in the shoe rather than seeing a drop today and forgetting about it the following week.

In a nutshell, I’m more than confident these are a good play for the mid-long term holders. Whether it will be a good short term play really depends how many sneakerheads or resellers want to eat up this shoe from the demand aspect. This is always one aspect I can’t predict with certainty, but from my 20 years of sneaker experience, this sneaker checks off all the boxes of being in demand.

Last but not least, I did mention the air max 1 Patta Waves. I said those were also a honorable mention to being one of the more original air max releases in a while and some of you might ask why those haven’t skyrocketed. Well to put things into context, Nike dropped 4 different colour ways in a span of a month of the exact same sneaker. Had they just stuck with the first 2 colourways of the Monarch and Aqua, I could say confidently that shoe can easily be a $400-$500 sneaker by now. I am still very bullish on that sneaker as I recently bought a good amount in the Aqua colourway as I believe those will do very well in the long term. Now circling back to these Concept Air Max 1’s, though we won’t see any more Mellow colourway drop in the future, I think there will be a better opportunity to buy the mellow’s at a better price point once the rest of the 2 pairs drop. As I mentioned, I think the pair on the right is probably the pair everyone wants and some might argue to sell their pair for that pair. However, you always have the case where some die hard fans will want to buy up ALL 3 pairs to collect and that would just make things worse for those wanting a pair. Nonetheless, prices in my opinion won’t shoot up overnight and I think using the Air Max 1 Patta Waves as reference, you’ll have plenty of time to cop a pair and if you wait just a bit longer…you might be able to get them for cheaper.

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