I’m Always A Seller First When the Price is Right, Especially at $11k+ Profit!

I know what you are all thinking…who pays $13,000 for a toy figure? To be honest, it’s the same question as who pays $300,000 for a NFT Jpeg? The answer is the same…as long as there is a seller and a willing buyer – there is a market. I’ll be honest, I didn’t plan on selling my bearbricks because I bought them initially because I loved collecting them. Needless to say, 1000% bearbricks were much more affordable back in the day with the average retail price of $250. Don’t get me wrong…they all eventually sold out relatively quickly but it wasn’t impossible to get as the demand wasn’t as crazy. Even on the secondary market, prices were relatively affordable.

Long story short, I bought this when it first came out on the secondary market for about $500 USD shipped. I wasn’t able to score at retail at approx. $300 USD, but $500 was still a reasonable price for a limited drop. I wasn’t a big fan of this particular bearbrick which made selling it today an easy decision, but I bought every 1000% that dropped back in the day anyways because back then 1000% only dropped like 2-3 models a year and basically you would cop every single just cause it’s so rare. Unlike today… 1000% model drops are much more frequently and abundantly which also dilutes the exclusivity of owning 1000% Bearbricks.

However, the main point of my blog today is that it’s not how much I was able to profit off this little guy here, but more so when certain assets appreciate to a certain point, you have to learn when to sell. Often times we get suckered into assets we own and grow an emotional attachment when prices start to go up. Don’t worry, this is normal and don’t feel lonely because I too have this same problem for certain assets I own. When you’re in a business, sometimes you have to think the bigger picture. What can I do with the money after selling this asset. As of right now I can think of many things I can do with $12k of proceeds. I can easily double up my money in a 1-2 years by using it to buy 40 pairs of DS Brand New Jordan 1 Patent BREDs. If I did that, which I’m going to do exactly that with the proceeds, my net worth will go from $12k to $24k instead of just holding on to this Bearbrick that sits in my display case.

I mean, I’m not saying this Bearbrick won’t increase in value during this time, but for it to double in value by next year is highly unlikely unless a desperate buyer is willing to drop a quarter of a $100k on a toy. Another important thing I forgot to mention is the buyer may not always be there when you finally decide to sell. I had this bearbrick listed for over a year before the right buyer with the right price came along finally. Another successful ingredient for running a long lasting resell business is being able to supply the market when it’s in demand. You never want to put yourself in a position to be in need of money and fire sale your assets at discounted prices to make the next buyout. I’m not saying you should sell everything you have, but if you want to be successful in the re-sell business, you need to grow less attached to your assets so that you can make the best choice for your business and not the best choice for your wants.

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