Just Maybe…Bullish on Volts

Look, I know what you are all thinking… what is Netmag smoking and has he lost his touch. Bullish on the Jordan 1 Volts? Come on man…you are crazy! I know this may not be a popular opinion, but when something drops this low, I’m all about that risk free play. A lot of times when we invest in sneakers, we often buy at an unpredictable market price that can either go up or it can go down. With these Volts, I honestly feel they are so low right now that they have no where else to go but up. The only question left is when?

In the resell game we’re always chasing the quick flip with the highest margin, but when you drill down to the fundamental of the game, it’s all about taking risk. As a business, sometimes you want to take risky bets, but sometimes you just want a riskless bet with almost a guaranteed upside. I’m not saying you’re going to see these Volts jump in price in 2022, but I think there is upside in 1-2 years time and will end up trending in the high $200’s by year end. I’ve seen this trend one too many times and often times it plays out well and I had wish I had held and not sold. The best part of my job is I get to choose my decisions and learn from it and when a certain situation presents itself again in the near future, I can take advantage of it.

Jordan 1’s obviously hasn’t been as hot as it once was in the last year and this can be attributed to the fact that we see a Jordan 1 releases on a biweekly basis. Simply put, there’s too many options for the consumer and when you give the consumer too many options, they will pick and choose what they actually like and not buy because there aren’t any better options out there. Volts in my opinion isn’t a bad colourway – in fact I quite like the black toe vibes with the accent yellow on the ankles. However, what I like doesn’t really translate the same way as what everyone else likes. I’m only getting older and the demographic is getting younger and my taste may not align exactly to the younger generation. One thing I know for sure is Jordan brand reacts to the market and if they see Jordan 1’s are sitting instead of selling, very naturally they will reduce supply in the near future. It won’t happen right away as production processes are often months in arrears, but eventually we can see a drop in supply, which means limited options on the market. What happens when there are limited options on the market? Well, we’ve seen this with the dunks 2 years ago…people look in the aftermarket for previously released models.

Jordan 1 Volts hasn’t exactly performed well in the resell market as it currently hovers around retail price even after 1 year of being released and sometimes dipping even below retail for certain sizes. It’s counter nature for us to buy in when everyone else is selling. Our minds are naturally geared this way. However, the best resellers are often the ones that can zoom out and see the longer horizon and buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. Aka. Buy the fear and sell they hype. This is certainly not easy to do because when everyone’s buying and things are hype you naturally want to raise your price so that it’s just slightly out of reach just so you can take advantage of the price hike (aka greed) and end up not selling your product at all. In fact, the best time to turnover your products is when a product is hype so you can get rid of it when the money is easy. What i mean by easy money is people are literally begging you to sell them the product and sales just happen within seconds. On the flip side, when everyone is dumping…try selling your product then – it’s not that easy. You’re literally the one begging buyers to buy your product.

Before I get too carried away with my selling philosophies, back in the day I made the same mistake of selling the below Jordan 1’s too early because I thought they were so trash that they will never see a day in light of profitable resell. Well to say the least I was wrong and I had wish I held just a tad longer. Last but not least, this play isn’t for those looking for short term gains or for those that have limited capital because your capital can possibly be tied up a lot longer than usual, but if you have excess money and nothing to do with it…buying some Jordan 1 Volts will definitely at the very least help you beat inflation.

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