Air Jordan GOLF – The Next Wave

Jordan Golf Sneakers is the next wave for golfers and maybe resellers…For years Jordan Brand has been looking for ways to expand outside of it’s saturated target of young male sneakerheads as the pie can only grow so big. Hence we have been seeing a big push by the brand into Jordan Women over the past 1-2 years. Aside from the push of Jordan Women, there has been an up and coming wave of Jordan’s hitting the golf course and this could be huge and here’s why.

As an amateur golfer for many years (I still suck)…I technically started golfing when I was in university when I was about 22 years old as I decided it would be a sport I can grow into as I knew my body wouldn’t be able to play high level basketball for long. I saw golf as a super longevity sport that I can play for the next 50 years. Back in the day, golf was a very let’s say anal sport from the aspect of dress code. When you’re on the golf course, YOU MUST wear collared shirts and have your shirt tucked in. No for real…I was once turned down from playing on a course because I didn’t have a collared shirt on that day and I was forced to buy a polo shirt at the club house so I can play. It’s sad and that’s also one of the reason why I stopped playing the sport a few years in. It wasn’t only the reason as life eventually got into the way and I stopped playing for many years until recently. But more importantly I was an avid sneaker head at the time and when it came down to buying golf shoes, I didn’t want to buy those dress shoe looking spiked golf shoes. Honestly they were ugly as fuck (IMO)! The below is what I’m talking about and literally that’s all you can find in the market. Like for real…you think I can pull this off wearing shorts and my polo shirt tucked in?

I wanted to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing to play especially when I was too cheap as a kid to cart on the course and would have to walk 6,000+ years carrying my golf bag. At the time Nike was just getting started into golf sneakers with comfortable runners looking like golf shoes with soft spikes, however they were not well received and styles were extremely limited in choices. Fast forward to the pandemic when I decided to pick up golf again I noticed a huge shift in terms of fashion on the course. The “dress code” was becoming more casual as I assume the younger generation of professional golfers were having a bit more of an influence and I started noticing Jordan golf shoes being worn. Don’t get me wrong…the number of choices of Jordan golf shoes are still limited, but when I looked at prices for models released a 2-3 years ago, they were CRAZY! It’s not like people were listing them at sky high prices and expect nobody to buy them, but rather they were listing them at those prices because the demand was actually quite high due to limited supply on the market. Clearly there’s something in it for Jordan brand in the world of golf.

Where is this demand coming from? Well let’s just say there are a lot of people that think the same as me who wants a different alternative on the golf course. We want to be different and a lot of us who were avid sneakerheads back in the day and playing the sport today can attest to this. We’re also the generation that has disposable money we are willing to spend. Golf isn’t a cheap sport to play and we’re talking about on average it costs a typical golfer $100 per round of golf. There are lower end golf courses that range around $60, but there are also golf courses that are in the higher end that runs you $200+. If you think about just a round of golf…a $200 golf shoe you can wear for the entire season doesn’t seem so bad. Atleast for me…I run through a pair of golf shoes every season just because I personally like to walk instead of cart and by the end of the season my shoes are pretty worn after walking 30 rounds of golf.

From the re-seller aspect, some people have already caught wind of this wave early and have been enjoying much better profit margins than your typical Jordan’s off the course. Part of the spike in prices is the demographic of people that are buying these Jordan golf sneakers aren’t just buying them and putting them in a storage…they are actually wearing them! Coupled with the fact that this new consumer is willing to spend, not only are they reducing the supply in the market, but they are also willing to pay the money without bargaining.

Not Joking

Jordan brand has already started bringing back some iconic colourways for golf and I’m personally interested to see where they will take it in terms of marketing and supply on the market. As a golfer I’m super happy because now I can wear sneakers on the golf course and it kind of brings me back the vibes of early 2000’s when I was wearing sneakers where nobody had any idea what I was wearing. The neck breaker of wearing a Jordan 4 on the course and looking good while everyone still wearing generic golf shoes brings back those early memories of why I loved sneakers back in the day. As a reseller, I’m also happy because profit margins are much better and shoes are much cheaper out of the gate and I know exactly what to buy without too much competition (atleast for now). I don’t expect this to last long as other re-sellers start to catch wind, but generally speaking…it’s good for everyone!

One thought

  1. Love the blog. As an avid golfer and sneakerhead, the only brand I wear on the course anymore are Jordan’s. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to grow a pretty fire collection that I am proud to take to the course. Chicago J1s, Concord 11 lows, Fire red 5s, White Cement 4s, Bred 4s, and most recently the Shadow 1 lows. I can’t wait to see what’s to come from Jordan Brand for the course. Is there a pair you like to see hit the production line?


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