When Everyone Hates Patent Bred 1’s…PERFECT!!

The sneaker re-sell game is consistently changing at a rapid pace as we speak, but one thing that never changes is the demand for classics will ALWAYS be there. I don’t need to introduce the newly released BRED Patent 1’s as it was welcomed with a ton of negativity leading up to it’s release this week. From a re-seller standpoint this is the perfect scenario because there will be less demand for the shoe, which allows you to snatch up pairs on the market for fairly cheap in my opinion. Not only is the price favourable, but the volume will be there as well.

Even though I barely blog nowadays doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to what’s happening in the market. Knowing what people will like or what they will likely buy in a few months or years from now is what I do for a living. Sure enough people insist on not wanting the newly released BREDs because of the patent leather, but history usually tends to repeat itself when it comes down to sneakers. Remember the Top 3 gold, gold toes, blue chills just to name a few? Well yeah, most of these are selling almost 3-4x the retail price and these were considered inferior colourways. With the BRED’s coming back in patent form is basically a no-brainer if you were to ask me. The iconic colourway no doubt will always be in demand considering the fact that JB only brings back this colourway once every 5 years. Morale of the story is that what people don’t want today doesn’t mean they won’t want it 1-2 years down the line. The only difference is… the price tomorrow is not the same price today.

Not going to lie…I am currently trying to purchase as many pairs as I can because in my opinion $250-$300 for a BRED is super undervalued. I won’t say it will see 2x within a year, but a 2-3x is almost guaranteed within 2 years based on history. Sneaker investing has been much more difficult in the past 1-2 years as there aren’t as many sure guarantees out there like it was just a few years ago. The worst scenario that could happen for sneaker resellers is going hard and accumulating mass numbers of pairs that end up being bricks. Not only is it a waste of time to accumulate them in the first place. You are also tying up your capital in something that isn’t appreciating in value and let’s not forget the carry cost that comes with it.

If you’re still on the fence of buying a pair because you still don’t know if you want to wear them or not in the future, my honest suggestion is to just buy them now. Yes, it will set you back $300 right now, but this will be win-win situation for you 1 year down the line. If you decide 1 year from now you really don’t want them, I’m almost certain you will be able to sell them for $400 and walk away with a 33% gain. Now you can use your initial money + profit to buy whatever you want then. On the flip side, if you decide 1 year from now that you really want them…then you’re actually paying MORE than what you could have paid for having them in your possession today for fraction less.

One thought

  1. Great read! It’s interesting because anymore, people don’t seem to see sneakers as a long term “hold” investment. These hype releases, and collabs, have everyone thinking it’s just a quick flip but there are some out there, like the breds, the I agree are ones to hold. Buy it, put it in a safe spot and wait for the right time to pull it out!


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