Are Mocha 1s a Good Buy/Invest?

Mocha 1s often dubbed as the Travis 2.0s are certainly one of the better releases this year in my opinion and you don’t need me to echo this because the current market price says it all. With current prices sitting around $350-$400, it is somewhat a hefty price tag for a new release, BUT everything is priced the way it is for a reason. The simple reason is a lot of people like them and are willing to shell out double the retail price to have them right now. Sure enough we know they are hot and if you were able to cop for retail at $170 USD, you would have made yourself a quick double up. For some it’s a no brainer to pocket the $200+ profit right away but for some that see a longer term play or is thinking of buying a few pairs to sit on might be thinking how the price would play out in the future.

As I have mentioned before, Jordan1s are probably your best pairs to invest in because they have a long proven history of holding up value. I don’t know too many pairs that actually go down in value, but even the worst preforming pairs would probably generate you atleast 5-10% in price appreciation over the year, which by the way is higher than inflation or the dinky 1% in your bank account. But some of you might be asking is it still worth to buy them at current “high” prices?

Let me put it this way…if you have the cash, you can never go wrong with putting money on this pair. This pair sort of reminds me of the rookie of the year release 2 years ago. 2 years ago, they were super overlooked and prices just never took off from the getgo, but if one were to look at the current market prices you would shoot yourself on why you didn’t buy pairs when it was super low. Though the Mocha 1s may not have dropped in price, but that doesn’t mean the potential is not there. I always like to ask the question of…what would this pair be worth in 2 years time because that gives a good time frame for appreciation and that usually dictates my decision of whether or not I would buy pairs today. With that said, I certainly believe this pair can be a $500-$600 pair within 2 years or sooner. On the optimistic side, I can even see this pair be worth another $100 more than current prices by early next year.

Like i have said before…should you buy or not really depends on your situation because everyone’s cash holdings and invest philosophy is different. If you asked me, I personally didn’t buy many pairs simply because I personally like to invest in pairs that are often overlooked on a discount instead of buying what is currently hype at a premium. However, the fact that I didn’t buy many pair doesn’t mean I don’t believe in this shoe, but rather… for me to make $100 on an initial $350-$400 current cash outlay in one year’s time might not be the most favourable investment from my perspective. As I said before, inventory space generate a lot of carry cost and I have to be SUPER selective in what I keep and hold because I can’t afford to have pairs that appreciate slow on a relative basis as having constant cash flow is just as important as what I know will go up in price. If you have some extra cash lying around and want a decent return, this pair is definitely a good choice. If you copped for retail and you want my advice on what the best option you should chooose…my answer will always be…ROCK them now and enjoy them and 2-3 years when you don’t like them anymore…you can still sell them for double of what you paid for them. There’s no better recommendation than that!

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