Dunks Slowly Losing The Re-Sell Appeal

Whoever thought Dunks will continue it’s sky high re-sell trajectory is lying to you. As a famous saying goes – all good things will eventually come to an end, if not they will take a breather and absorb the market reality and make it’s path based on REAL demand and not a fictitious one. No doubt the Dunk hype trend is/was very real in 2019-2020 and from a resell aspect being on the sell side, I undoubtedly benefited greatly as I was long a lot of dunks from years ago, but as a smart business you always have to dissociate yourself from the hype and analyze the real fundamentals in the market today and forecast into the near future.

As I mentioned in my blog before, the hype officially made it’s peak once the Kentucky and Syracuse Dunk lows dropped. I said before as soon as Nike starts making shoes to meet the unexpected spike in demand the resell game is over and usually is a sign to get out. This isn’t rocket science as the fundamentals are very simple. People are only paying higher resell prices for things they can’t get that are low in supply in the market. Prior to the Kentucky and Syracuse dunks, all the predecessor dunks were all selling for 100-300% premium because there were simply nothing people can buy on the market. People just wanted dunks on their feet and there was no way to get it in stores and the only way was to pay resell for existing supply. Echoing to that blog I wrote….as a reseller you should be wary of what dunks to buy /invest in because not all pairs will have the same crazy price appreciation as the Kentucky/Syracuse dunks and rightfully so…this is exactly what happened in the market today. You won’t see $400-$500 resell off the bat anymore…in fact some dunks you can basically almost get for retail…while this is good for actual sneakerheads, it’s quite the opposite for those strictly in the game for resell.

I’m not here to say that dunks are dead as anything can happen in this market and we could even see a second wave of dunks come again, but from a business perspective it really isn’t worth my risk to invest in this segment of the market if the chances of prices remaining stale/dropping far outweighs the positive upside. However, from a sneakerhead side of me I’m happy to see dunks more accessible which gives more people the opportunity to wear because in my opinion dunks are meant to be worn and not shelved. I even sold off my own personal Syracuse and Kentucky pairs because at the time the prices were just too good for me NOT to sell and I always said prices will eventually come back to life as there are more options on the market for everyone and maybe I would be able to buy them back in the future at a lower price and it looks like that day is inching closer and faster than I initially thought.

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