Price Expectation – Jordan OFF White 5 Sail

The talk of last week was definitely the OFF White Jordan 5 sails…Do I love them? Not really, but I don’t hate them! Do i think they are a good investment…as of right now…I would lean towards a yes. However, my opinion may be a little biased if you ask me today compared to a few years ago. As I talked about this a few months ago in one of my blogs…more and more I’m finding the appeal for non-hype shoes to resell as opposed to investing heavily into hype sneakers more so because it’s less money invested/sneaker which reduces the business risk overall. Hype and expensive sneakers are becoming much harder to predict nowadays and if you go heavy on one wrong investment, you could be sitting on those shoes for a very long time and that hampers your bottom line in the long run.

These are currently sitting around $600-$700 depending on size, which took a nose dive from the market price prior to the release at over $1k+. This of course is as expected after the release, but how the price go afterwards is where the money is made. The predecessor black pair followed the same path of dropping steeply on opening day and have been slowly creeping back up in price. If we take a look at the price pattern from the black pair and apply it to the white, you can approximate how much you can make in 1 year. The black pair being released earlier this year in Feb had a re-sell price hitting as low as $700. So in a span of 9 months, if you bought at $700 and held it till now, you would have netted about $200-$250 of profit, which yields you about 32%. They’re decent returns, but like I said before you shouldn’t just throw all your money into hype sneakers as you also have to turnover money at a decent pace to keep up with better future opportunities that come up. Not many people can afford to keep their money stuck for 9 months and often need to sell to keep cash flowing.

In my opinion, I do like the white pair more than the black just cause of the nostalgic feel to the og fire red 5s and because of this, I think this pair may even do better than the black pair in the long run. Sure, some people might argue the yellowing looking like someone pissed on the shoes, but to me, that’s one less thing to worry about when wearing because scuffs and dirt marks just makes the shoe look better as opposed to you rocking an all white pristine fire red 5s and having dirt/scuff marks on that…but that’s totally my own opinion.

Last but not least…though I usually don’t invest in the pre-school/toddler market, I think there is a better play there than the men’s sizes if you intend to put some money into this pair. One, the $/investment is lower, but second and most importantly I think your yield will be much better. Looking at the black PS/toddler prices, the current prices for PS pairs are trending around $300. I believe the white pair will probably follow the same price pattern and if that is true, you should be able to double your investment in the same time frame instead of just the projected 32% in the men’s sizes. Why I like the PS/toddler play more is because prices are currently sitting at about $150/pair, for the same amount of money to buy a Men’s sizing pair at $600-$700, I can buy about 4 pairs of the PS/toddler sizes. From a risk financial standpoint that’s a better text book play…though you may need to do a little more work in terms of volume, BUT the percentages are also very rewarding. Anyways, I hope most of you were able to cop for retail already so regardless of where market prices go from here, it’s a win for you, but for those on the sidelines looking to jump in…I think prices now are already extremely attractive and I won’t hesitate to buy more especially the PS/toddler sizes.

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