Loading UP on Union 4s…Soon

A lot of people hated these when they first leaked and now a lot of those people has changed their mind and think they are decent and some even think they are fire. I’ve seen and heard this many story many times and often times, it works well to be on the buy side as a re-seller. I’m not saying these are a must have and instant grail status, but there certainly is something about this shoe that catches interest of a lot of sneakerheads. Even for me…I did have the urge of wearing a pair myself, but knowing that I have too many other 4s in the rotation, I quickly decided against it.

Cutting straight to the point. I honestly think this pair can do numbers, but once again I have to say the time horizon is unknown. I see this very similar to the Jordan 1 SBB 3.0, which received similar criticism very early on and needless to say, they have doubled in price in just a little over 1 year. From a re-sell point of view, it’s great that is pair is so unique because there aren’t as many similar options on the market that gives consumers alternative choices. What I mean by this is Nike does this all the time….they make a sneaker that is hard to get where most of you won’t be able to get and then they flood the market with a similar pair in a slightly different colour so for those that can’t get the hard to get pair can settle for the similar pair in volume. For these 4s…they can’t really do that.

Even though I am bullish on this pair, there is one thing to keep in mind. The current re-sell price is already pretty high in my opinion. Currently sitting at $600-$700 USD, there isn’t much room to profit in the near term. Even if I was to be optimistic and assume they would jump to $900-$1,000 in 6 months, it’s still a lot of risk per pair to take and not a very efficient allocation of your capital. But, if some of you ONLY like to sell is hype and don’t want to touch any of the GR stuff, then this is a great pair to cop and hold for a longer term play. However if you ask me, I think there are better opportunities out there to park and rotate your cash. Indeed the Union Jordan 1s has done very well since the release in which are now selling for over $1,900 USD, even that…in between the prices dipped to almost $1,100 at one point before skyrocketing. Personally I don’t think these will reach the re-sell price of the 1s strictly from a demand perspective, but I can definitely see this pair being a $1,000 pair in maybe 1-2 years. I’ve bought a few pairs here and there with the influx of supply in the past week, but I think there is going to be a better buying opportunity in the coming weeks.

One thought

  1. Maaaaaan you should start a group for investors i mean i would love to be your student and learn from the best. Started 2yrs ago and follow all your predictions. It’s on point as in 100%!


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