Are Nike Air Jordan 3 Fragments a Buy?

It’s a Fragment x Nike Collab. It’s a clean sneaker and most importantly its on a Jordan 3 silhouette. All of these signs should point to a high resell price, no? Well yes and no depending where you stand in the sneaker market. From a sneakerhead perspective one can argue that there’s not much jazz to to the sneaker and it’s as plain as a plain bagel. But some might prefer the cleanliness of the sneaker that allows for everyday wear-ability. Personally I like the sneaker for the simple colourway simply because it means I can actually wear this pair on a daily basis. However, from a sneaker re-sell perspective it might not be such an easy prediction.

I think I mentioned this on an IG post I made just before the sneaker released that the current re-sell price at the time of approximately $1,000 will most likely not hold. The prediction held true and prices quickly dipped to about $500-$600 range. This is a natural trend as for a lot of people that were able to cop at retail are not true sneakerheads and their only objective is to get rid of the sneaker ASAP for the quick profit. I mean, as a buyer I think this is probably your best chance at copping pairs either for personal or for investment because this is the time when supply far outweighs the demand and as buyers have greater options. But I guess most of you are probably more interested in knowing when is the best time to buy OR if it is even worth the buy at all. Well everything is worth the buy as long as the price is right, but for most people…knowing what the “right” price is, is the million dollar question.

Personally I have copped quite a few pairs during the first two weeks. I don’t usually go in strong the 1st week because prices are usually volatile, but I personally find the 2nd week the best because all the desperate buyers had copped and usually all the sellers that wasn’t able to sell are looking to shed before they miss their boat. During this time, I saw a favourable price in the smaller sizes between 8-9 US where it was literally selling for close to $100 less than bigger sizes between 10-12 US. When I’m buying I simply look for value regardless of size because in the long run I’m a believer all prices would converge in price. My philiosophy has always been if I’m able to find good value today, EVEN if the prices drops a bit I still have buffer room to play with before actually taking a loss.

One thing that I hesitated to not cop so many pairs is the fact that the back tab have started to yellow around the edges. I’m not sure if this would serve as a potential problem down the road. How bad the yellowing would be no one knows…and because of this, I didn’t want to buy too many pairs of these for the risk. I personally don’t expect it to ever do the same numbers as the 1s did because the colour blocking on this simply isn’t iconic. Aside from the Jordan 1s that have shot up in price, a lot of fragment x Nike collabs in the past hasn’t really done too well in terms of re-sell prices. For the most part a lot of the air trainers were selling below retail price. With all that said, I’m a little skeptical on how well this shoe will do in the long run, but it’s definitely not a pair I would invest heavily on. If I wanted the TKO….like I said before…it’s a guaranteed win if you put your money on Jordan 1s such as Royal Toes, court purple and etc. As a re-seller, I still have to take in a few pairs just to have it available and if prices goes up great, but if it doesn’t my losses are limited with less exposure. Do I see this pair going back to $1,000? Yes, I can see that but this will probably take 1-2 years minimum so if you’re not in it for the long term flip, it might be best to sit on the side lines for this one.

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