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It’s been a while since that 30 for 30 blog challenge that I self imposed on myself last month that I needed 30 days to recover from it.  Well hope you didn’t miss me too much because I have been MIA for a long time and didn’t get the chance to share with you my thoughts on the recent releases and cops and things going on around the sneaker market.  But if there was one cop that I really wanted to share with you, that would be the DS Nike MAGs friends and family size 11 I picked up recently from Scotty.  These were originally sold on the eBay auction, but the buyer didn’t end up paying because he thought he was getting the 2016 auto lacing and I ended up buying them for a slight discount compared to what he would have paid.

Anyways, I actually wanted to start blogging 2 weeks ago, but work just got mad busy.  It really all started with the Nike Air Mag $11 subscription 2-3 weeks ago.  Originally we said we were going to guarantee 100 prizes, but we ended up going long…and I mean really long for the hail Mary and went for almost 400 runner ups prizes, which was a big operational hurdle because we’ve never done that many packages in such a short time period.  In addition this drop coincided with our Kickbrick Series 4 pre-order fulfillment which had us fulfilling 1,000+ shipments in the span of a 1 week or so. I think I spent $20,000 on just postage in the past week or so.  So we basically did 1 months worth of work in 1 weeks time.  Ask me again and I will tell you I WILL never put myself through this again because it was just an operational nightmare.  This is why I haven’t had much time to blog because we have been dealing with shipments basically EVERYDAY along with the new subscription fulfillment happening at the same time.  One thing I DO want to mention is the Series 4 pre-order did very well and I can not be more satisfied not only seeing all the hard work paying off, but also all the support we continue to get from our customers/supporters.  With the way Series 4 went, I’m more than confident series 5 is a GO.


July has been a crazy crazy month of sneakers because we bought a ton of new inventory – most notably the DS Jordan 4 Off Whites.  Did I forget to mention that this shoe is an absolute beauty?  I’m going to be dropping a blog on these shortly in a few days, but if you’re on the fence of buying a pair, let me tell you now….you should cop while you can before it becomes out of reach in terms of affordability.  Anyways, I’m sure most of you don’t care about ME and my well being but more so about what I think of sneakers and how much I can help you earn money in the future (just kidding…well I certainly hope that’s not the only reason you are here) – I’m going to keep this one short for today because I got a ton of stuff I would love to share as it has been a wild month not just for Netmag, but also in the world of sneakers.



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