StrangeLove Dunk SBs – Buy, Sell or Hold?

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It’s weird because this sneaker actually dropped 5 months ago and yesterday was the FIRST time I actually seen the sneaker in person.  If that is any indication of me needing the shoe…I clearly didn’t really need this shoe in my rotation.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…just because I personally don’t like it doesn’t mean others don’t and clearly judging by the market price as we speak…A lot of you seem to like this shoe.  Personally I’m not really a pink sneaker type of guy and if it is pink it has to be very specific.  However, on the flip side…some of you are probably wondering whether or not this sneaker is a buy, sell or hold.

From a business standpoint, if it is a sneaker I see potential in, I usually buy them right away after the release where quantity and supply is vastly available.   When this pair released it really wasn’t on my radar mainly due to personal gut feeling, but I do have to say it did numbers if you are a re-seller, in which you would have doubled up by now if you paid resell prices around release date.  Seeing this sneaker in person I do have to say the quality is certainly there and the material used is different from past sneakers, but in my opinion this would a be a very difficult sneaker to keep clean and to me is more of a display piece rather than a pair on feet.  From a supply standpoint, this really isn’t a very limited shoe at least based on the number of transactions on StockX, with 4799 transactions.  So in my opinion this sneaker is most likely just another pair that is driven up in price by re-sellers and the nike dunk hype and based on my gut feeling I would be staying away from this pair from a business perspective just because I see the potential downside risk of prices falling outweighing the chances of prices going up much higher.  I know I could be wrong and the shoe price can even go to $2,000 for all I know as we’ve seen all sorts of crazy shit going on in the past 2 years in sneaker re-selling that makes no sense, but to me this sneaker is just good display piece and not a shoe that I would rock and for that reason alone I don’t think demand will be there forever once the whole dunk wave passes.

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On the same note, what really crossed my mind that I find super mind boggling as of late is…how can we spend so much on a sneaker nowadays and call it a grail when we never even seen the actual product in person.  Like as an average guy with a decent job to drop $1,000+ on a sneaker is a lot of money.  I mean for most, that’s a whole month’s worth of food/rent for a lot of people and we out here dropping that kind of money on something based on photos?  This is something that worries me nowadays…and I always question whether this whole market is overpriced in every way.  I mean no one has the right answer or will know the right answer, but putting these prices into perspective of every day and an average working individual, these prices just doesn’t make any sense.  I guess this can be my next topic in the next blog.

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2 thoughts

  1. To be fair, the definition of ‘grail’ can be different for many people haha
    I’m sure there are instances where someone would have no choice but to blindly drop fat stacks on acquiring a sneaker without having first seen it in person, if it happens to be on the rarer and especially the older side
    But for modern sneakers like strangeloves I blame Nike for creating artificial scarcity; I trust they know what they are doing in terms of limiting supply to generate hype, but that leads to botting and other means to get a leg up on acquisition of pairs, and FOMO making people either pay resale or supporting the rep market.
    Just my 2c


    1. Fair statement! But I’ve been hearing too many people dropping the term “grail” on shoes likes this too often. But it is the world we live in and we are playing the game Nike wants us to play. Like I always said, if it isn’t rare or hard to get, would we still want it?


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