If You’re Looking for Re-Sell Potential – Animal Instincts 3’s Isn’t It – For Now!

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When it comes to re-sell profit, Jordan brand is probably your best bet in terms of re-selling.  However, its clear that certain sneakers are just meant to do well for retailers and not resellers.  When the Animal instinct 3’s 1.0s first released, it certainly was a wild card as a lot of people wasn’t sure what the demand and resell potential for the shoes would be.  Personally I had a feeling it wasn’t going to do numbers right off the bat not because it is not a good sneaker, but more based on my gut feeling this wouldn’t appeal to every sneakerhead.

Unlike the old days, a lot of Jordan releases don’t provide much of a resell premium because in my opinion a lot of people are buying hoping there would be resell potential and if doesn’t work out, they don’t mind just selling for what they paid just to get their money back.  When these Animal Instinct 2.0s released this past weekend I expected nothing different.  Certainly I wouldn’t be buying pairs to hold because this would be a waste of capital for better investment potentials.  Consistent with what I mentioned in a few blog posts before about money sizes losing it’s luster…this was the perfect case in point.  Size 10.5 and up was selling for a much better premium and if you were able to secure a size 12 and 13, you could actually make a decent spread.

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I’m not saying there won’t be any resell potential on this pair, but for that opportunity to present itself to see a decent margin would be atleast 1-2 years later.  Jordan’s tend to do very well after this time frame, however from my perspective I don’t have the time nor inventory space to accommodate these as of right now given the intensive pipeline coming later this year.  I did get some early access to a few pairs and putting money where my mouth is, I quickly sold them off as I was worried prices wouldn’t hold up much longer.  As we speak, prices has already dipped 20-30% on some sizes, which pretty much validates my assumption with this pair by most people that bought them initially hoping there would be re-sell potential.

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At the end of the day, I don’t have a crystal ball telling me what pairs will do well and what pairs won’t – so if you’re asking me to teach you…I don’t even know how I can.  Most of the time I’m going off intuition and my past experience to determine whether shoes would do well in the after market or not.  Most of the time I’m spot on, but there are times where I make a bad call and that’s ok because in the game of resell as I always say, as long as you are more than 70% right, you will do fine in the long run.  As for this shoe, IF the sneaker drops below retail I think that would be a fair time to buy a few pairs to hold for the longer term, but if you’re not into long term re-selling, then I would just stay away from these entirely.



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  1. Good pointers brother. What are your opinions about the Jordan 3 Retro SE Unite Fire Red? Prices have dipped below retail and I believe they have resell potential in the next year or two. Thanks!


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