Nike Dunk Low Champ Colors – Is It a Cop?


The last pair of dunk low that we know of just released 3 days ago.  Though certainly not the last pair we will see from Nike in the foreseeable future, but sneakerheads will definitely have to wait and see what will be next atleast for a few months.   Cutting straight to the chase…did I like these?  Personally I like the colour blocking on these, but in terms of wear-ability at my age, I think I would choose the Syracuse dunks over these.  Not saying these are bad, but that is my personal preference.

I know what some of you are here for and that question would most likely be…is there resell potential in this pair.  As I mentioned before a few blogs ago, the current prices of Syracuse and Kentuckys are still very surprising to me.  Some prices are even selling past the $450 mark and in my opinion that is very high for a sneaker like that.  We are now 3 days into the release and the current prices for these are now trending around $250-$280 USD, which is following the same path as the prior dunk releases.  If using the prior releases for price gauging of how these will perform you can say there is still some spread to be made, BUT this all depends what Nike puts in the pipeline in the months/year. Nike is certainly going to continue to push the Dunks and other low cost classic models for the next little while and are going to stay away from new innovations/tech as they more or less are forecasting a slower economy and people’s lower spending power (this is what I heard at the very least).  So we can see a ton of air force 1s and dunks in the pipeline.  In my opinion, if more dunks are being pushed out in terms of colour and quantity into the market I don’t see too much price potential because consumers will have more available options to choose from.


To a certain degree, I can see why the prices of all these newly released dunks so high and that is if you look in the market right now, there aren’t really many options to choose from.  Of course I’m speaking from a not so experienced sneakerhead that is simply in the market just looking for a pair of brand new dunks to wear.  For some of us that have been in the game longer…we know where to search and maybe that’s why we think the prices are outrageous because we know where to find better options.  Looking at the Nike Dunk landscape right now, normal novice sneakerheads doesn’t have many affordable choices to choose from.  There are none sitting in Footlocker and StockX/Goat and eBay is the only option right now at resell prices.  Hence in my opinion there could be some resell potential on this pair, but I would be cautious in the longer run as more and more options become available on the market for consumers and at that time most people won’t justify paying the higher prices these dunks.  Last but not least and one of the more bigger risks is of course…if the dunk hype dies…because that will for sure bring prices of these down with it.



2 thoughts

  1. I agree that the resell on this colorway won’t last once the dunk hype dies down from over saturation. And props for still bringing relevant content consistently. That’s not easy to do by any means


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