Giving Everyone An Opportunity to Own Nike MAGS for $11

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Grail or not, Nike Mags is arguably one of the most desired trophy for any sneakerhead.  Not only is it defined by the sky high price tag, but the story alone for the sneakers makes this a must have.  Sadly, at market prices today, not many people can or will justify paying the high price tag that comes with owning this sneaker. I mean, I’m not even sure if I can still consider this a sneaker anymore because most might not ever consider putting these on feet, but having a pair to sit in your collection is definitely a statement.

netmagnetism blog 0626

This is my 4th pair of Nike Mags that has crossed my hand over the past 2 years and the way I will be selling it would be consistent with the last 3 pairs we have given away through our $11 subscription.  However, I must say this pair was the most expensive pair of the 4 because it is a rare size 12 US and it is in DS brand new condition and…prices for these went up a bit since the last pair.  No doubt the amount of Netmag subscribers has grown over the years and as we continue to grow we need to keep increasing the value we provide.  It’s crazy how far we have come since our first ever subscription giveaway.  I still remember the very first time we gave away the first pair of Nike Mags I was super hesitant because I’ve never done a high caliber sneaker like this and I was worried we would come way short in terms of proceeds to recouping some of the cost.  However, I was ready and prepared with recouping back half the proceeds at the worst case scenario so I ended up doing it anyways.  Needless to say, the demand was much more than what I anticipated that we ended up giving away 100 pairs of sneakers along side with them as runner up prizes.

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This time around I want to do something crazy and have a record amount of prizes to give away to date in our subscription service.  I’m still planning for it as we speak, but you bet it will be one of the best subscription in 2020 hands down.  When there are winners, there will be losers.  The most difficult part of my job is how can I make everyone a winner and everyday I brainstorm on how I can maximize the number winners and minimize the losers at the most efficient way possible.  It’s an almost impossible task by nature, but I’m sure there will be a way we haven’t explored yet.  Look out for this crazy subscription to be available in early July.

In the meantime, thank you all for continuing to follow my blog as I try give back as much as I can.  With that said, I want to surprise my readers with a exclusive sale for my readers.  I just dropped these Gym Red Jordan 1 lows for below retail price at $79.99.  Click HERE to purchase.  Only 1 pair per size (8-12 US available).





3 thoughts

  1. Good read as always brother. I like how you utilize the blog and surprise us with sneak drops. Looking forward to more and I will be participating in the MAG subscription. Keep up the great work!!


  2. Always informative content and giving back to your supporters. Looking forward to joining the subscription service. Keep up the content, glad to see blogging making a comeback!


  3. I’ve seen many try to copy, recreate, rebrand your business model and too few can say they are somewhat successful. Your transparency, and the fact you genuinely care more about the subscriber than the dollar is a recipe that will never fit in a cookie cutter model. I look forward and enjoy reading these blogs. Thanks for the low price lows, about to cop a sz. 9 if still available 😀


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