These Were By Far The Most Challenging Kickbrick We Designed To Date

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Everyone knows the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 and honestly this sneaker is pretty meaningful to me because as a re-seller this sneaker broke boundaries that was once never meant to be broken.  The Nike company I knew before this shoe was released was very strict with it comes to working with re-sellers and the fact that a re-seller in Sean was able to create a shoe with Nike meant that nothing is impossible in this world and never say never.  So when it came down to filtering down which Kickbricks to create for Series 4, I had to put this one on the top of the list.

First and foremost, I have to give 100% credit to the designer for this because he did an amazing job at drafting the initial design.  If he didn’t come up with such a great initial design, I’m almost certain we would have scrapped this model very early in the process and went with a different sneaker.  Aside from the design, the biggest tradeoff I had to make was the colour tone on the bricks.  Keep in mind, because our scale is relatively small in terms of factory manufacturing, we don’t have a vast array of colour to choose from.  We can only work with existing colours the factory can produce, which really kills me because to me having the colour down right is 50% of the equation to making this a great product.  Unfortunately, getting exact custom colours would increase my cost and that would mean I would need to increase the selling price, which I do not want because that would defeat my whole purpose of making these affordable for everyone.  In addition, I would need to make like 5000 units, which is way beyond what I’m comfortable with.  I tried my best with what we had and the final colours you see above is what I believed is the best representation of the shoe.

One of the most difficult process of designing a Kickbrick is putting all the necessary details and character of the sneaker in such a small frame.  Of course, we can’t always have every single detail as part of the Kickbrick, but that’s fun part. Being able to weigh what are the most important characteristics and portraying that in building block is why I’m still creating these models.  My other goal is making these available for those that can’t afford the sneakers the option to own the next best thing (in my opinion) of it in building block form.  The back and forth refinement process with the designer half way across the globe with language barrier took many many many hours! It may take you 1 hour to build the product, but just know while you are building…a LOT of hours went behind the design process to make it perfect for you.

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Even though this was the most difficult Kickbrick to design to date, it is also the most fun to build in my opinion out of all the Kickbricks.  We used a lot of small bricks to create the colour contour and even while you are building the shoe during the process, you’ll see the progression of the shoe happening and in my opinion is super satisfying.  This Kickbrick really opened the door to more opportunities as now I can make bigger leaps and take more risk in working with more challenging sneakers.  Anyways, these Sean Kickbricks are still available for pre-sale on our website and I can’t wait to get these into your hands and hear your feedback.  Thank you to EVERYONE that continue to support the product because if you didn’t support what I do, it wouldn’t be possible for me to continue chasing a passion that I could only dream of as a kid.




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