What If I Didn’t Sell All My Pairs?


Can’t believe 3 years today I pulled off this crazy event in my home city for my fellow sneakerheads and friends.  This was the one event that I’m truly proud of because not only was I able to see my vision come to life, but also this is the event I can finally introduce to all my close friends what I have been doing with Netmag over the years prior.  My friends are not sneakerheads so most of them had no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to sneakers.  Prior to this event I dedicated a lot of my free time to building Netmag that I often isolated myself from many social events with friends.  I mean looking back, it was worth it because I wouldn’t have imagined where I would be now 3 years ago.

I have spent years buying and selling and accumulating these supreme dunks prior to the event.  One day I just randomly thought of this weird idea/vision of what it would be like if there was no hype in hype sneakers.  A time where we can walk into a retail space and still be able to see hype sneakers still sitting on shelves.  I mean you’ll never see a Supreme Dunk ever NOT sell out, right?  Being able to vision this event is one thing, but the execution was the hardest part of it.  At the time I didn’t know how many pairs of Supreme dunks I would need to fill a glass display like this and mind the fact pairs weren’t that easily accessible at the time either.  So I was buying as many pairs as I could to ensure I had enough.  Luckily, 24 pairs of each colour was all I needed to make it look right and the rest was history.


It’s funny how 3 years ago when I blogged about this event it didn’t make sense from a business perspective to accumulate all these pairs in my inventory because money would be stuck in the shoes and I can’t use money to invest in other more profitable sneakers.  As I sit here writing this today…What if I didn’t sell any pairs since then?  I think I would be very well off with re-sell prices at an all time high, but you know what…I never regret selling my pairs because not only do my customers get to benefit off the price jump, but personally I probably turned over the money from the sales many many times.  I mean it would have been great being able to make double or even triple from one sale had I held out, but at the same time I learned that a successful business isn’t about just 1 big transaction…it’s about many small-medium and never ending perpetual transactions.  I don’t think I would have ever thought SBs would make a come back this strong, but I’m happy that I got to execute my vision and hopefully one day in the future when I look back at these photos…I can say I did something for sneaker culture.



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