Money Sizes Slowly Losing It’s Appeal

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I always hated the concept of money sizes over the past 2 years or so (ie. smaller sizes 8-9.5 US). I’m a true believer that all sizes of the SAME sneaker should sell for the same price.  Yes, of course there will be slight disparity in price based on changing supply and demand, but for the past couple years everyone has been charging massive premiums for the smaller sizes.  This can be explained by higher demand resulting in higher premiums, but that’s about to change or is changing already.

Over the past year or so money sizes has been losing it’s premium relative to larger sizes and in case you haven’t noticed, some of the larger sizes in fact are fetching for a higher prices than the smaller sizes.  Look no further…the Unions are a great example.  When I was younger and knew absolutely nobody in the industry, I always wanted to know how many pairs do retail stores actually get on a typical release and the size distribution.  It’s funny cause I’ve been in the market for so many years and I tend to find that NO ONE likes to share this type of information.  Even store employees that have direct info on this it’s always been “insider info”.  Luckily I’m now in a position with somewhat of a insider info and I see what the numbers are.

What I can tell you today is that with recent releases starting as far back as the Shattered backboard 3.0s late 2019, Jordan 1s have been highly skewed towards size 8-10 US in terms of quantity.  The size distribution for the money size is actually like 10 pairs to 1 pair of large size.  How do I know?  Because I’m on the receiving end of it. The quantities on the large size of 11 US and up were so limited that I was only able to get size 10 and lower and maybe like 2 pairs of 10.5.  This trend has been happening for all the subsequent Jordan 1 releases that came afterwards late last year and this year.  Ie. Jordan 1 Pine greens, court purple 2.0, royal toes…ALL were small size heavy.  This is probably the reason why you don’t see the price on the money size pop up as of late because there’s more than enough supply to meet the demand.  I don’t doubt the demand for these money sizes has changed much because not only do you have people that are true money sizes that buy to wear, but more importantly you have re-sellers all jumping on this size range for investment purposes.

At the end of the day, Nike and retailers is trying to meet the market demand for the shoes.  The reason why you see more money sizes produced in releases now is most likely because they are probably forecasting what sizes to make and how many based on market demand.  So if they know the demand is in the small sizes and not the big sizes, if I was them I would be making less of the big sizes and be making more of the smaller sizes if that’s what stores are ordering and what the market wants.  This bring us to the concern if you’re a re-seller.  If Nike is now making a shit ton more money sizes and re-sellers are all hoarding towards the small sizes, but actual demand doesn’t change…then as a re-seller I would be concerned because if there’s no real end buyer at the end of the day…prices really have one way to go….down!  Though no one really knows how the market will play out, but this is one thing to keep in mind going forward in the coming year and maybe buying some larger non-money size pairs might actually make sense.

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