Netmagnetism Kickbrick Series 4 Unions Officially Launched!


Yesterday we launched part 2 of 5 of our Kickbrick Series 4 preorder on our website.  Of course these are no stranger to all sneakerheads as these were 2018 contender for shoe of the year and personally these were one of my favourite releases in recent memory, so you know I HAD to put these next in the drop.

For some of you that don’t know the product, Kickbricks has been my side project for the last 3 years and I have to say it has been a fun, but mentally and physically exhausting ride so far.  Some might look at this as an easy cash cow, but let me make this one clear…it’s not exactly what you think.  There were so many obstacles I had to go through to move this product from concept to final product and for the amount of work I put into this so far…man…if I knew it was this much work from the beginning, I might have to rethink my life choices LOL.  But even jumping over all the hurdles, here we are today…


Some of you might ask…why choose such a niche product? 3 years ago when I decided I wanted to take on some extra work and start a new side project, the first logical idea was to move into Netmag merch/clothing as it was the easiest and low cost move to enhance the brand.  Even if it failed it would only be a few thousand dollars of sunk cost.    Obviously I decided against it not because I didn’t want to add a bit of money into my bank account, but the question was…what am I leaving behind in the industry/culture 10 years from now.  Sure I may go down into the history book as maybe another reseller that sold sneakers for a good price and be remembered for my subscriptions and giving out hundreds and thousands of pairs of sneakers for the low, but is this really what I want to be remembered as?

I want to leave my mark in the culture and be part of history! I want future kids that has never seen this product to ask the question…what is that and who made that? Though I have no idea how much longer I would want to continue pushing forward Kickbricks, but as long as I can continue to breaking even from a business standpoint and if I can mentally survive the on going obstacles… I would like to continue to chase my passion of creating something I love so much…sneakers!

Profit has never been my concern with this product because for me if I am able to breakeven and not lose money and able to fund the next Series… I would be more than satisfied.  I have a vision of creating enough of these models to replace your sneaker room display with my product.  I want a whole wall filled with my product and have people enjoy it as art.  Creating your own path in this market is such a scary adventure because no one is there to tell you how your journey will be and what to expect because no one has gone this far yet. But if you got this far into the blog please know this.  If you have supported this product in one way or another…I want to thank you from deep down in my heart because by you buying this product means the thousand of hours I put into making this product happen is totally worth it and you guys give me a reason to continue!


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