Price Tag is Irrelevant if You Truly Love the Sneakers


Don’t get me wrong on the title…how much a sneaker costs is very important relative to one’s ability to afford sneakers, BUT one thing I always hear sneakerheads complain about is how expensive their “grails” are and putting the blame on how re-sellers are jacking up the price.   To a certain extent I feel your pain, but I always counter with this…if it ain’t hype or in demand…do you still want the shoes?  If the answer is no…then do you really love the sneakers in the first place?  It’s hard to come up with an answer as this is more like…. did the egg come first or the chicken dilemma?

I always wanted these Kaws x Vans Simpson collabs when they first released many years ago.  Unfortunately back then when they released I was poor AF.  I didn’t have the funds to go purchase every sneaker I wanted.  At the time I could only prioritize my money on SBs and these had to simply wait.  By the time when my finances were right, no one was selling them.  These were so hard to find as they were limited to 100 pairs, which meant finding your size (or atleast close to your size) was extra difficult.  Case in point…I’m a size 10/10.5, but I had to settle for these in a size 11.  When these popped up for sale, I didn’t care how much they were because I just wanted them so bad.  I did not even bother asking the seller for a discount because I did not want to miss my opportunity in buying these.  If I miss out, I could never see them again.

To most people paying over $1,000 for a pair of Vans is absolutely absurd.  This could possibly be the most expensive Vans ever, but like I mentioned in the title.  If you really love the sneakers, there’s no real price tag because you’ll find a way to make it happen.  Sure I may have overpaid for this pair, but I can always cheap out on other things in life that I don’t really need.  Ie. I can buy one less sneaker I don’t really love or I can scale back on Starbucks coffee for the next few weeks… Expensive sneakers are priced the way they are priced for a reason and that is supply and demand.  If you want them…the chances of everyone else wanting them is pretty high, hence explains the price.  We all can’t have what we want…that’s just how the world works.  What I’m trying to really say today is IF you truly love that sneaker, you will by all means necessary find a way to get them.  If they are deemed out of reach from a financial standpoint, it just simply means you value something else in life over the shoes and you just don’t value the sneakers over it.  One grail I always wanted was the Nike Dunk SB FLOMs.  The only reason why I still don’t have them in my collection is because I value the $20,000 that I can use else where in life rather than having those shoes in my collection.  So in other words…I don’t really love that shoe as much, but they will always be a grail 🙂


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