The Resell Life Coming Full Circle


Sometimes it’s funny how things work in this world…If you think I’m a reseller that buys low and sells high…well maybe we are ALL resellers more or less at one point in life or another.  So the back story with these DS Nike Dunk Supreme Black cement is… one of my local clients hit me up asking if he can trade me a few pairs maybe about 1.5 years ago.  Of course he was nice enough knowing it was more work for me to offer the trade in my favour, but putting the trade value in context, the shoes were in theory sold for 1.3k USD at the time.  It was a fair deal in my opinion, but today things have come full circle because I ended up buying back the pair for more than twice the amount I sold them for.

supreme dunk netmagnetism 11.5

A lot of times people have to understand that the market has changed.  The relevance of “Market” price is very real for sneakers – of course thanks to StockX.  I mean you can’t really call overpriced in today’s time when there are the numbers to back it up.  Couple years ago when there was a big price asymmetry in pricing, if I told you I wanted 4K you would have said I was dreaming and call overpriced.  Nowadays, if it’s too high for you to pay, then it simply means it’s just not within your buying power and move on.  There is definitely less stress for the seller today asking XYZ price because it can now reference real demand in the market.

Anyways, going back on topic…the client that I sold and bought these back from is a true text book sneakerhead and by no means is he even considered a re-seller by, but his action of selling them back to me is nothing short of being a reseller…does that make sense?  Well the point i’m trying to make is the optics of a re-seller has changed in recent times with less of a negative cogitation to it because people understand even though you are not a reseller by definition, you too are reselling to a certain degree in which you choose not to admit or recognize.  So does this make you a bad person being a reseller? I certainly don’t think so because I understand everyone has different life goals.  For this pair in particular, my client bought them with the intention of wearing them, but never ever got to it and the next time he noticed, the shoes shot up in price 2-3 fold. From his point view, he just doesn’t feel right or justify wearing shoes that are worth that much and much rather use the money to buy other things that he would wear.  From my perspective, I resell so I can make a little change and do what I like at the same time to provide a better life for me and my family.  For you, maybe you’re selling to make ends meet or you’re looking to buy a new home with the money.  I mean just because the sneakers you bought and wore went up and value and you choose to sell them because it simply makes sense shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.


The ultimate point I’m making today is next time you think of something negative about a re-seller…maybe think a little outside of the box and remind yourself if you were in their shoes, you probably would do the same thing.  Everyone in life is dealt a different hand and how you play it is entirely up to the person…but like I always say…don’t hate the player…hate the game.


2 thoughts

  1. I fully agree with this! I think people need to know without the scarcity for shoes, there is less demand. And demand drives the entire “value” of different pairs- and I highly doubt everybody would be rocking shoes like the Mars Yard if it it was a GR lmao


  2. Live this post. I have met many sneaker heads that resell (like me) but look down on resellers. They just don’t realise how hypocritical it is


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