Nike Dunk SB Safari – What Happened to The Resell Prices?


I’m not going to lie…when pictures first surfaced on the internet of these I was super excited.  I knew I had to get a pair.  The only thing I did not expect was that the prices dropped so drastically in such a short time period.  To me, this pair was definitely a nod to the other heads out there bringing back 2002 Atmos Air max safari vibes onto a different model.  Of course the dunks are the hottest model on the market right now, but seeing it go from a high of close to $400 on release day dropping to just about $250 is concerning if you are a reseller snatching up pairs on release date.  I mean, with all else being equal, that’s a 35% loss in just 45 days (give or take).  So what happened?

Of course I don’t have a concrete answer for this, but in my opinion the drop really was basically a shift in consumer taste in the sneaker scene.  I mean sneakerheads my age would certainly appreciate something like this and would find this hybrid on a dunk nothing short of amazing, BUT the reality is the sneaker scene has changed drastically over time.  A lot of us that lived through the ’02 era are probably dads now and probably have left the game a long time ago and for those that are remaining…probably not as much relative to the current demographic.  There are definitely more kids that have a different style or taste for sneakers that would appreciate different sneakers such as a Travis collab or Off White.  Though this sneaker brings back the nostalgia for older heads, it might not hit the same for many kids out there, which may explain why the prices didn’t reflect what most people thought they would because the demand just isn’t there.

Nike Dunk SB Safari Netmagnetism 1

In terms of buying…I was certainly very close to buying a bunch of these on release date but because of logistical issues with shipping the deal didn’t happen and the deal fell through.  I did buy a few pairs here and there as people were offering to me, but it was very minimal relative to our other buying.  So I would say I have dodged a bullet on this one, but that doesn’t mean I’m not buying these at all if the right price comes along.  I mean if you were lucky enough to cop these for retail, you’re still making a good 180%, but most of us weren’t lucky like that to get at retail.  I think current prices right now are quite attractive at $250 if you are looking to buy a pair to wear, but in my opinion this pair won’t see instant pop up in prices for a long time.  I mean we are 4 years in since the release of Air max 1 2016 safari retro and even now the prices haven’t really move much (I blame the material they used for this one). In my opinion if you are buying these to invest thinking prices would go up, I think there are better options out there in terms of growth potential and I would stay away from these.  I could be wrong in the sense that if the dunk wave continues to be strong in 2020 and into 2021, these could see a little bit of upside, but even that I’m a little pessimistic from that perspective as I see the dunk hype maturing and we could see a new trend developing real soon.

Nike Dunk Atmos Safari Netmagnetism

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  1. Not sure if the initial high price point (sustained during Jan/Feb) was due to ‘early’ release in Australia and NZ. Skate shops released the shoes there by mistake.


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