Why Jordan 1 Court Purple 2.0s Are A “MUST BUY” If You’re a Re-Seller


Re-selling and “investing” in my opinion is essentially the same thing if you ask me…both based on the concept of buying low and selling high.  I just don’t understand why reselling is seen as a bad thing and investing is the good thing.  Regardless, most of us here are just here to make a small living on the side to supplement our everyday expense and honestly my only question is…why not!?  The hardest part when it comes to re-selling and investing is knowing what to buy today that will increase in price tomorrow.  Trust me in the financial world there isn’t much instruments that would guaranteed a X amount return without positively correlated risk.  However, these Court Purples are probably the closest thing to a Bond like risk with equity type of returns.

So what makes these court purples so attractive?  First off the re-sell price right out of the gate is super attractive.  Unlike the Women’s black toe satin pairs I warned you guys about right after the release is the price came out WAY TOO strong right off the release and IF you were buying pairs in the first week, you’re probably going to get into some trouble.  I’m not going to go further into it here, but if you want a recap you can click the link HERE.  Personally I like to invest in pairs that start off at a low price from the getgo.  Not only is my risk much lower, but also I can buy more quantity with my capital and getting pairs off people’s hands IS MUCH EASIER.  If you recall, the black toes satins were extremely hard to get off people’s hands because everyone wanted a higher price, but when the price is low, people are more willing to let them go.  Honestly it’s weird, but I guess that’s just how the world of sneakers works.  The point I’m trying to make here is if you’re already paying such a high price already, what are the chances of it going up even further?  On the flip side, if you prices are low, the upside potential is much greater.


Netmagnetism Court Purple

Of course I’m not telling you to buy any sneaker that is at a low price because not everything will go up in price, but these court purples has just about every characteristics to be a $400 shoe by next year.  I know people are comparing them to the 1st version of the court purples and saying they are inferior in terms in quality, but let’s back track for a moment.  I’m not saying the court purple 1.0s aren’t nice, but I think people are using the wrong benchmark here.  If these court purples are dubbed the 2.0s, then I think automatically they SHOULD be different, right?  If JB goes and makes the exact same material shoe just in different colour blocking, we all might just say they got lazy.  Trust me, we can never be satisfied as humans – just accept that fact – we always have something to complain about.  But if people are complaining about the inferior quality of this pair compared to the 1st version and that is why they aren’t buying them….then FUCK this is the best thing that can ever happen to you as a re-seller.  It means there are plenty of supply available for you to snatch up.   Trust me, people that are passing up these pairs now will probably be the same people looking to buy them shoes 1-2 years later.

But back to the “inferior” quality of these…are these really inferior and shit in quality?  Let me ask you another question…do you think Fragment 1s are shit in quality?  If you answered no, then these shouldn’t be either because the material on this pair is 99% identical.  If you compare the 2 pairs side by side you will realize the leather is probably the same type of leather. So…inferior?  I’m afraid not…maybe just missing a logo on the heel that blinds us…that’s all 🙂


At the end of the day… releases like these are really the perfect scenario for the sneaker world because EVERYONE involved is happy.  True sneakerheads that want a pair can get their pair without breaking bank and come on…if you’re going to complain about not being able to get your pair for $170 retail because you can’t pay an additional $40 in resell because you were too lazy on release day to wake up and get yourself a pair then you shouldn’t be in sneakers to begin with because you going to be mad for the rest of your life.  On the other hand re-sellers can buy their pairs for the low and retailers are staying in business – I don’t know what other perfect scenario you can ask for.  To wrap things up…this pair honestly reminds me VERY much of the SBB 2.0s and if you know what I’m talking about…the potential is certainly there if you’re a re-seller because if history was to repeat itself…man oh man…this “could” be one of the biggest and best flips of your reselling career!




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