My Business Report Card

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One of the hardest things to doing business online without a store front is you don’t know who the end buyer is, but more importantly you can’t gauge your performance as a business without face to face interaction with those that support you.  One of the important keys to success that I have learned from first hand experience is that you’re trying to build long term business relationships with your customers and not just one and done deals and never see them again.  I never saw business as just a straight transaction…often times when I have the opportunity I would like to find out more about my customers and truly be friends than just a “business deal”.

Aside from just re-selling sneakers – and I’m sure the narrative has changed over the years on the perception of re-sellers being a bad thing for the market…the market needs people like us to be efficient.  It’s clear we bring value to the table in the form of being able to curate the products that suits your needs but now more important than ever, we give you the ASSURANCE and CONFIDENCE in what you are buying is legit.  Sure there are plenty of options in the market that you can buy from and in most cases you can get them for cheaper, but often times you might doubt yourself whether or not what you are getting is legit or not.  I don’t want to use shoes as an example, but to give you a better analogy – think about buying a Rolex.  I know nothing about Rolex and if I was in the market to buy one I would much rather pay a slight premium knowing that they have been approved by an expertise in the field and I’m not wasting money buying a fake thinking I got a deal by saving a few hundred dollars.

But back to my point today….when customers actually post sneakers they got from you and actually TAG you is an A+ on my report card in my eyes.   I don’t have a google store review for customers to leave comments, but my google review comes from these tags.  I understand going out your way to make the world know you’re a good business is probably not in the blood of everyone because it doesn’t give you any perks or advantages in life – so it’s usually rarely done.  Trust me I know…. I’ve given out countless Nike Air Yeezys, Off Whites and super grail Nikes and many countless random boxes, but maybe only less than 5% of the people I ever see tag me back.  On the flip side, if it’s something I have done incorrectly….MAN! the script flips entirely and human nature tends to find every means possible to rip your business apart.  So business review in today’s time is basically a one way street.  For those that consistently tag us back for the sneakers they got from me, I’m truly thankful from the bottom of my heart because this keeps me motivated to do better.  For those that say nothing….don’t worry – I get it! There’s nothing in it for you to appreciate the value we bring and i’m certainly not mad.  The fact that I don’t see much negatively in my social is I guess a good sign that I’m doing the right thing 🙂 By the way…nice Fit Jon!

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