Price Expectation – Nike Off White Dunks


Hype or not we saw this price trend coming from a mile away.  The 3 pair Nike off white dunk has finally come and gone and for those that were able to get a W at retail are probably happy with their double or even triple up, but I prefer to talk after market because aiming to score a pair at retail is too luck based and almost near impossible in today’s time.  I prefer to talk after market where everyone has a fair chance of buying/selling and making the right choices to profit.  Like most releases, we have to pay resell but the most important factor is how much should you be paying at any point of time and it being considered “fair”.

First off, there were 3 colourways which made the chance of copping any pair higher than any other traditional release, but at the same time there will be price differences between the 3 colourways.  Right out of the gate there was a significant price premium on the pine green pair but based on the quantities released, all 3 pairs were released in the same quantities.  So either the pine green people were buying up because they feel that there is better resell in the future OR there simply is a higher demand for the green pair than the other 2 pairs.  But one thing for sure is the supply for all 3 pairs were the same, so it makes any prediction of demand and justification of the market price much easier.


Personally I have been concentrating on buying pairs in the Michigan and Red colorway because the prices were much more favourable.  I didn’t see a reason to pay premium for the green pair right now because I have a gut feeling all pairs will eventually converge and sell around the same price in the future. So for the same size 9 green pair I can get the other 2 pairs for almost 20-30% less.  From my perspective I’m playing the medium to long term hold on these so I rather concentrate on accumulating quantity for the limited capital I allocated for buying of these 3 pairs instead of the short term flip.

So is this a medium or long term hold on these?  The answer to that question is that depends what type of market player you are.  If you have the extra capital I certainly think these are a good medium to long term hold mainly because these are the first off white dunks to release and no one knows what to expect in terms of prices.  Based on all past Off white releases I have mentioned before…the OGs always sell for a premium than subsequent releases.  Though one thing is for sure…2020 is going to be very dunk heavy from Nike and more and more young sneakerheads are getting familiar with dunks, which can increase the demand even more.  In the past dunks and dunk sbs were very niche, but don’t expect the same today as opposed what we experienced 3-5 years ago.  The money sizes on the green pairs are already closing in at the $1,000 mark, so I’m not surprised if this shoe becomes a $1,000 shoe for all 3 colourways in a few months.


The prices of these have been increasing steadily by $50-$100 each week since the release and this is usually a good indication that demand is there.  As a reseller I like to see this steady increase in price because that means a lot of people are interested in buying the shoe and have been sitting on the sidelines and are steadily giving in as prices keep going up instead of down.  As a mid to long term re-seller we don’t like to see prices come out way too strong because people just simply sell off way too quick cause the profit is way too good right off the release.  We saw this with the satin black toe women’s pair.  Re-sell prices came out way too strong at $1,000 the first week and people have just been selling them right away and it simply killed the demand.  We are taught to buy what we like, but a lot of people buy based of what the market price is…sometimes if the price is too cheap, the perception of hype is not there anymore and that just simply kills the sneaker’s market price for a long time.  Look at the Satin’s now…they still haven’t recovered from the massive sell off.  I see great potential with this pair, but in my opinion 2020 is going to be a crazy year of releases and once again people’s capital are limited so if better pairs of sneakers pop up in the radar, we’ll eventually have to hit a point of dropping certain pairs to cop others and prices can only increase so much at that point.

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