Price Expectation – Travis Scott Nike Air Jordan VI

travis 6

Now that the dust has settled and we have completed most of our buying on the market with this pair, we can finally talk about the Travis 6s.  If you know me I don’t openly talk about what I’m buying for free anymore because there is a conflict of interest most of the time and for that specific reason I don’t share until after the fact.  However what I’m sharing are valid points which can help you decide what to do with your money, but at the end of the day please understand this is my opinion and by no means what I think will happen will actually happen.

Did I go heavy on this pair?  Yes, of course I did.  If you’ve been in the sneaker re-sell game long enough you should know there are probably only about a handful of sneakers that get released throughout the year that would make you good margins in short periods of time and these are “kind of” one of them.  However, this pair was a little tricky because we all NOW know Travis Scott’s will have resell value eventually so the market will adjust accordingly to this fact.  I must admit, the Cactus 4s and Sail AF1s were by far the easiest and cheapest cops to date because no one knew at the time the price would double or even triple in less than a year.  So we saw a huge gradual increase over the past year on these 2 pairs in terms of market price as the supply and demand slowly did it’s magic.  This is also why we didn’t see such a drastic drop in market price for these 6s shortly after the release date.

travis 6 1

Though one thing is for sure.  We will always see a drop in price every time shortly after the release date because nowadays a lot of people that are winning these raffles or lotteries are not real sneakerheads.  They are not entering to win the shoes they love so they could wear, they are entering to flip the shoes for money.  This is nothing new, but you must understand this when you’re a buyer because these are the people that are willing to sell right away without even the thought of holding for more future profit.  These are the people I usually try to find to sell me pairs because all they want is quick money back.

Anyways in my opinion from a long term perspective based on current prices right now …it is still a buy.  Currently prices are sitting around $650 for the larger sizes and just a little above $1,000 for the smaller size 8s and 8.5s.  Given the high prices already… I personally don’t think you would get a good return in the short term.  These are already so high in price that for it to go even higher will be a little tough.  From my experience, there haven’t been many Jordan 6s in the past that sold for more than $1k in the past, but I can’t deny the fact that this could possibly be the pair that would change that, which is also the reason why I took a gamble on these to buy pairs. I didn’t buy these hoping to flip for a quick 20% margin.  I bought these thinking there may be a chance they will reach $1,500 eventually. Though there’s no certainty in the game of re-selling, but like I always say…when prices start going up, you’re ALREADY TOO LATE!

For most of you that own a pair right now… you’re probably contemplating whether or not its time to sell or hold.  There’s no right or wrong answer for this pair in my opinion because it all depends on your financial situation and what you would do with the money after you sell.  If you sell and use the profit to blow it on other useless things in life, I would advise you to hold.  However, if you were to sell now and pay off some debt or even buy/invest in other profitable sneaker opportunities then I think it would be a good time to sell now as prices are more likely to stay around this range for a while.

Personally, I love the 6s but as a sneakerhead this wasn’t a pair I must have in my collection or even to wear on feet.  There are many other better options at this price point and for that reason I didn’t even cop a pair of personals for these.  BUT, at the end of the day…we live in an era where hype sells and who cares if it’s ugly or not…if it resells and if there’s hype…there’s value.

travis 6 3

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