Who’s Your PLUG? [10.08.2019]

who's your plug 2

Welcome back to our second segment of Who’s Your PLUG!  First off thank you for the continued support and back by popular demand from our readers, we bring you part 2!

We have a big month ahead in October in terms of releases and to say the least, you should be VERY cash ready because opportunities like this comes maybe 2-3 times a year and you don’t want to miss the boat.  If you are not cash ready, you have a couple days to off load some dead weight inventory and be able to cash in on some of the picks I’ll be discussing on today.  In today’s segment I go in depth into what you should expect and whether or not you should cop and sell and at what price.

Once again, this is a paid segment. By no means am I a genie that will guarantee you a return, but I would say my track record is fairly decent in terms of re-selling.  Well i mean, I do run a profitable re-sell company that’s been in business for 6 years…I would say that alone is sufficient proof.  Moreover, unlike every so claimed “expert” out there to tell you cop…I go a little deeper on why you need to cop or drop.  Back to the famous saying, feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish, you feed him a lifetime.  My goal is the latter.  Regardless, if $4.99 of insight can help you make $499, i think my fee is fairly minuscule if you were to ask me.   Hope you all enjoy it.

REMEMBER!  Emails are sent out at NIGHT every day in a batch.  So please don’t ask me when you will receive it.




2 thoughts

  1. I purchased this segment last Friday and my PayPal has been charged but I have not rceived any emails. How should I proceed?


  2. I am highly interested if you do this again. I’ve been following you for some time & find your insight to be fantastic. Thank you.


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