10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Reselling [Working 7 Different Jobs At Once]

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A lot of my friends still ask me…bro, you’re still working full time 9-5? How the hell are you able to manage your time with the insane amount of workload?  Don’t get it wrong, I ask myself this almost everyday, but from my perspective what isn’t absolutely killing me… is actually making me stronger.

Before I started reselling 6 years ago, my life/career vision was pretty narrow and let’s say…simple! Get a university degree, study for a CFA designation as a safety net and work for an employer that pays 100k+ with 10% annual bonus/increase and I’m gucci for life for the next 35 years till retirement.  I’m sure this is what most people envision in their life and are probably living this lifestyle already, but little did I know that once I took on the entrepreneur footsteps…everything in life changed.  Honestly I didn’t even know at the time I was entering the entrepreneur life as I mentioned before I started selling shoes simply out of love and interest for sneakers and maybe just some pocket change so I can buy other random shit (ie. 1000% bearbricks) in life…but little did I know, this is now becoming a big chunk of my wealth.

It wasn’t till recently when I was writing this segment of “10 things I wish I knew before reselling” that i really sat down and started to think about how much work am I really doing.  I essentially broke down all the task I would do in a day into 7 jobs..

  1. My daily 9-5 job as a “Financial Professional” (I think that’s what ppl like to call it)
  2. Photographer – webstore and IG
  3. Buyer – constantly on the market looking for sneakers
  4. Shipping Management
  5. IG Social Posting
  6. Admin/Accounting Book Keeping/Email Inquiries
  7. KickBricks Managment – Design/Factory Discussions/Logistics

If you do look at each of the 7 jobs above, each is literally almost a full time job itself and as I was coming up with this list, I started to question myself how the hell do I manage to get by and still continue to operate efficiently on a daily basis?

I guess how I am able to manage efficiently between all the jobs is not important, but more importantly is the mentality.  Before when I started officially reselling sneakers 6 years ago, I had a goal. My goal was that if I could ever resell enough to make just as much as my day job which at the time was $82,000 a year…i would quit my job and pursue reselling full time.  I achieved that in my 3rd year of business, but 6 year in the business I’m still at my job…why?  The one thing I didn’t realize in the beginning is that goals were made to be achieved at once point in life.  However, once goals are achieved…what next?

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What was going through my mind at the 3 year mark was that I actually was able to achieve my goal without really working as hard as I “could” be.  In other words, I didn’t know what my limit was and I was hungry to find it.  I simply wanted to do more.  Of course over the next 3 years I’ve expanded to do much more and sometimes I would say I have reached a limit…but this “limit” is subjective because if I can move around pieces and shift time and be more efficient at certain things I can make new limits.  Some of this may not make sense to some of you, but for those that are out there living the entrepreneur life, you will know exactly the feeling.  God is fair in the sense that he gave everyone the same 24 hours.  How you do decide to spend those 24 hours is entirely up to you, but you know everyone is dealt the same cards from this perspective.

Present day…I must say I think I’ve already reached my personal limit of how much 1 person can do and so over the past year I started looking for outside help.  I now have a part time photographer and a shipping manager that helps on that front of things that frees up my time.  Sometimes I don’t even like to use the word I “hired” people because I prefer to create partnership in which we work together.  I hate telling people that I have people working FOR me.  I prefer to tell people that I have people working WITH me.  There is a difference which I won’t touch on in today’s blog.  Personally I prefer to run a lean ship in which we don’t have excess slack and everything is ran at 99% efficiency because the ultimate goal of the Netmag is to ensure we make shoes affordable for everyone and by doing so means keeping costs as low as it can be.  Of course I can hire an army to work with me, but higher costs also means higher end prices to the consumer…so the numbers don’t lie.

Is it tough to live a life like this?  Well of course the answer is yes…but the reward that comes with it overshadows the work required behind the scenes many folds.  Most people tend to casually forget that work and wealth comes as a package deal and that they are directly correlated.  Sometimes I even question myself…am I still doing it for the love of sneakers or am I seeing this as simply a personal challenge to see how much further I can bring Netmag on my own… Only the future will tell and I guess we will re-visit this in a few years time.

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